Board Kings Sticker Albums (Complete Guide)

This post is about the Board Kings Sticker Album. You will know about stickers, sets and albums. Guide helps to get Board Kings free rolls and coins from the Sticker Album feature.

How to get free rolls and coins from Sticker Album?

Board Kings Sticker Albums are a limited time event. Album is a collection of sticker sets. Players get rewards on completing sticker sets and the full album.

To get free rolls and coins from Sticker Album, players need to collect stickers(sticker packs) and complete sticker sets in Board Kings.

Things to do before album closes in Board Kings

Following are suggested things to do before the Board Kings sticker album event closes.

  • Scratch all your Lucky stickers
  • Trade your duplicate stickers for rolls
  • Send stickers to your friends
  • Complete your Album

Stickers in Board Kings

Board Kings stickers are collectible items, found in sticker packs and used to complete sticker sets to get free gifts in game.

How to get free stickers in Board Kings?

Sticker packs found on the player’s board and scattered randomly on board tiles. You can collect sticker packs by stepping on the tile which has a sticker pack on it.

In game, you can also get special sticker packs as a reward in event task challenges.

Duplicate stickers

In game players can get duplicate stickers, which they already have. You can trade duplicate stickers for rolls you can gift them to friends in game.

Sticker sets in Board Kings

Board Kings sticker set is a collection of stickers with a specific theme. Players need to collect all stickers to complete the set. Each sticker set gives free rolls and coins prizes on completion.

In game, Album has different sticker sets pages, which players need to complete for free gift rewards.

That’s it,

Sticker albums are one way to get free rolls and coins in game. To know about more ways, you can check Board Kings free rolls page.

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