Crazy Fox Free Cards – How to Get Cards in Crazy Fox

There are two ways to get free cards in the Crazy Fox game – chests and asking friends for cards. On this page, you will know about all available ways to collect Crazy Fox free cards.

How to get Crazy Fox Free Cards?

Following are two ways to get free cards in Crazy Fox.

1. Chests

Chests in Crazy Fox game gives cards, spins, coins, Xps and more rewards.

To open and collect cards from chests, tap on the chest. You get cards and other rewards based on type of chest. Here, better cards are easier to get in better chests.

You can get Crazy Fox chests by different ways, including: stars exchanged for chests, complete game level, events & tournaments, free promotional pack, daily spin for reward, reward calendar and game shop(paid).

2. Ask friends for card

Crazy Fox card trade or exchange feature allows players to send or ask for cards to friends.

Here, to get free cards, you can ask your friends for cards from the card collection or using the Club Ask for card button.

There are Crazy Fox official cards groups on Facebook, where game users request for cards and trade cards.

That’s it for Crazy Fox free cards guide, hope you find this guide helpful. Next, you may like to check this Crazy Fox free spin and coin page.