Crazy Fox Events List and Guide 2024

This guide is about Crazy Fox game events. You will get Crazy Fox latest new events list. Guide also includes things to know about events.

What are Events in Crazy Fox game?

Events provide an exciting way to earn some special rewards in Crazy Fox. To earn free event rewards, you need to play events and make progress in events. In game, Events are time-limited, so you need to play them before they end.

You can earn free spins, chests, crazy bets, coins, pet XPs and more rewards by playing events in Crazy Fox.

Event playing instruction available in event popup, for more info, you can tap on the small “i” button in popup (if available).

On the game screen, the current live events list is available on the right side in a vertical line.

Crazy Fox events list

There are many events in Crazy Fox, and new events are introduced in the game from time to time. Here is the Crazy Fox events list, which helps to learn about all events and playing them.

  • Serial Missions – achievement based event where you can unlock and complete missions to win rewards.
  • Travel Diary – Collect bag items by Raid and Attack for event progress and earn rewards.
  • Spins Master – Collect points by using your spins and rewards as per progress.
  • Pinata Party – Collect pinata stick items to break pinatas and get rewards.
  • Frutopia Street – Get fruit items by playing the game to win rewards.
  • Building Tycoon – Build and complete world level to get rewards.
  • Attack Surprise – Get attack points by doing attacks in game to get rewards.
  • Raid Surprise – Get raid points by making raids in game to get rewards.
  • Underwater Treasures – Hunt for hidden treasure by choosing one shell out of four.
  • Fox Circus – The symbol event Fox Circus.

Event list is not complete yet, because Crazy Fox introduces new events from time to time. So, keep in touch, as we will update the event list whenever some big and new events are available.

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Hope you find the given events list and guide helpful for playing events in the Crazy Fox game.