How to Get Free Spins by Inviting Friends in Crazy Fox?

Crazy Fox invite friends option gives the opportunity to get some extra free spin bonus by successfully inviting your Facebook friends.

Here, you will know how to get Crazy Fox free spins by inviting friends.

Get Crazy Fox free spins by inviting friends

  1. Open game main menu.
  2. Tap the “Invite” option and send an invite link to friends.
  3. Your friends use your link and install the game.
  4. Invited friends log in to the game with Facebook.
  5. Invited friends click your invite link again.
  6. Now, both of you get inviting friends free spin rewards.

Here, you can share Crazy Fox invite friends link using WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or other platforms. Share option available in invite friends popup.

In game invite friends popup shows, how much free spins you will get on successful invited friends and options to share invite link.

Currently the invite friend reward is free +45 spins and 100 spins on the complete first successfully invited bar. This spin reward can be increased by inviting more friends.

Some friends also ask that they not get free spins after inviting friends.

In that case, you need to check all the steps to invite friends carefully. Because, if you missed any step, then it may be possible that the game will not consider it a successful invite. And, you will not get rewards.

Thats it,

Hope you find this inviting friends in Crazy Fox guide helpful to get extra free spins.