Crazy Fox Village World Levels (Things to Know)

Crazy Fox Village World Guide includes village world overview, village world costs, total levels and FAQs to know more about game levels.

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What is Crazy Fox Village World?

Village worlds in Crazy Fox are levels, which can be completed by building 5 world items up to 5 stars.

Building world items costs coins and once all items complete full world level is completed.

And, you will get reward gifts and star points for completing level.

How many village world levels in Crazy Fox?

Crazy Fox Big Win has 460+ village world levels. Also new world levels are introduced frequently. Currently the last village world 460 is Busy Cowboy.

Crazy Fox village world cost

To construct and complete the village world in Crazy Fox, you need coins. Each world level contains 5 items to build, and each item has 5 stages with varying coin costs.

For example, the first level, “The Little Prince” has a cost of 4.02 million coins, while the second level, “Farm Scenery” has a cost of 6.75 million coins. The 100th level, “Snow Village” has a cost of 2.8 billion coins.

The cost of each world level varies, becoming higher as you progress to the higher levels.

However, don’t be concerned, as the top levels offer higher coin rewards and other bonuses. Also, here are some ways to get Crazy Fox free spins and coins.

When Crazy Fox levels updated?

The release of new levels in Crazy Fox has no set time frame. On the game’s level map, after completing the last level, you’ll notice that new worlds are on the way. It all depends on the plans of the Crazy Fox team.

How to check Crazy Fox all world levels and current level?

You can check your current level and all levels in the Crazy Fox world through the game’s world map. To access this map, simply go to the main menu and select the ‘Map’ option.

More on this, you can also check your current level from the world build screen.

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