How to Build a Village World in Crazy Fox?

This guide is about building a village world in the Crazy Fox game. You will know steps to build village world items, and complete level in Crazy Fox.

How to build a village world in Crazy Fox?

To build a village world and complete village level in Crazy Fox, you need to build 25 items using coins.

Each world level has 5 unique items and each item has 5 upgrades. So, by building 5 items to its max upgrade (5 x 5 = 25), you can complete village world level and unlock new village worlds in Crazy Fox.

To build village world items in Crazy Fox,

1. Open build world screen

You can do this by swiping up on screen or by tapping the Build option in the game menu.

2. Tap build button

There are two options for building village items. First quick build button, which is available near each item.

And, second is the build hammer button, which opens all items panel with build buttons. In this section, for VIP members, there is a BUILD ALL button to build items by one click.

Note: In the quick build button, you can not see the coin cost of item build. But, in the bottom build panel, you can see the coin cost before tapping on the build button.

That’s it,

Hope you find Crazy Fox build village world guide helpful.

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