MM2 Value List 2023 – Murder Mystery 2 Values List

MM2 value list contains Murder Mystery 2’s Unique, Ancient, Godly, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common, Vintage weapons value lists and MM2 value checker.

From given value lists, you will know the Roblox MM2 weapon name, value, type and rarity. These mm2 weapon trade values are helpful while weapon selection and item trading.

MM2 value checker

MM2 value checker

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Here weapons value lists are listed under weapons rarity titles, to find your favorite weapons value quickly.

MM2 Unique values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
Blue Candy200000Knife
Blue Elderwoodx200000 SeersGun
Blue Elderwood Bladex200000 SeersKnife
Blue Harvesterx200000 SeersGun
Blue Logchopperx200000 SeersKnife
Blue Mintyx200000 SeersGun
Blue Sugarx200000 SeersGun
Blue Swirly Axex200000 SeersKnife
Blue Swirly Gunx200000 SeersGun
Blue Vampire’s Edgex200000 SeersKnife
Bronze Candy700000Knife
Bronze Elderwoodx500000 SeersGun
Bronze Elderwood Bladex500000 SeersKnife
Bronze Hallowx500000 SeersKnife
Bronze Harvester700000Gun
Bronze Iceblasterx500000 SeersGun
Bronze Icebreakerx500000 SeersKnife
Bronze Icecrusher850000Knife
Bronze Icepiercerx500000 SeersGun
Bronze Logchopper700000Knife
Bronze Mintyx500000 SeersGun
Bronze Sugar700000Gun
Bronze Swirly Axex500000 SeersKnife
Bronze Swirly Gunx500000 SeersGun
Bronze Vampire’s Edge700000Knife
Gold Candy1000000Knife
Gold Elderwood1000000Gun
Gold Elderwood Bladex1000000 SeersKnife
Gold Hallow1000000Knife
Gold Harvesterx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Iceblasterx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Icebreakerx1000000 SeersKnife
Gold Icecrusherx1000000 SeersKnife
Gold Icepiercerx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Logchopper1000000Knife
Gold Mintyx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Sugarx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Swirly Axex1000000 SeersKnife
Gold Swirly Gunx1000000 SeersGun
Gold Vampire’s Edge1000000Knife
Red Hallow200000Knife
Red Iceblasterx200000 SeersGun
Red Icebreakerx200000 SeersKnife
Red Icecrusherx200000 SeersGun
Red Icepiercerx200000 SeersGun
Silver Candy850000Knife
Silver Elderwoodx750000 SeersGun
Silver Elderwood Bladex750000 SeersKnife
Silver Hallow850000Knife
Silver Harvesterx500000 SeersGun
Silver Iceblasterx750000 SeersGun
Silver Icebreakerx750000 SeersKnife
Silver Icecrusherx850000 SeersKnife
Silver Icepiercerx850000 SeersGun
Silver Logchopperx750000 SeersKnife
Silver Minty750000Gun
Silver Sugarx750000 SeersGun
Silver Swirly Axex750000 SeersKnife
Silver Swirly Gunx750000 SeersGun
Silver Vampire’s Edgex750000 SeersKnife
Slouse’s Clown (Gun)GunTrading
Slouse’s Clown (Knife)KnifeTrading
MM2 Unique values list

MM2 Ancient values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
Elderwood Scythe155KnifeTrading
Nik’s Scythe650000KnifeTrading
Swirly Axe2100KnifeTrading
MM2 Ancient values list

MM2 Godly values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
BattleAxe II25KnifeTrading
Blossom285GunTrading or Buying
Blue Seer13KnifeTrading
Boneblade12KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candleflame1000KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy240KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Boneblade50KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Cookiecane15700KnifeTrading
Chroma Darkbringer395GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Deathshard70KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Elderwood Blade16750KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Fang160KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Fire Batx26 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Bearx14 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Bunnyx30 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Catx32 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Dogx22 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Foxx28 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Fire Pigx18 SeersPetTrading
Chroma Gemstone220KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Gingerblade45KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Heat260KnifeTrading
Chroma Laser210GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Lightbringer385GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Luger280GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Saw55KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Seer53KnifeTrading
Chroma Shark130GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Slasher90KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Swirly Gun6250GunUnboxing or Trading
Chroma Tides125KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cookiecane750KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Darkbringer87GunUnboxing or Trading
Deathshard27KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Deathspeakerx15 SeersPetTrading
Elderwood Blade1250KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Elderwood Revolver122GunUnboxing or Trading
Electrox9 SeersPetTrading
Eternal II14KnifeTrading
Eternal III17KnifeTrading
Eternal IV17KnifeTrading
Fang45KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Fire Batx7 SeersPetTrading
Fire Bearx6 SeersPetTrading
Fire Bunnyx6 SeersPetTrading
Fire Catx6 SeersPetTrading
Fire Dogx6 SeersPetTrading
Fire Foxx6 SeersPetTrading
Fire Pigx6 SeersPetTrading
Frostbirdx14 SeersPetTrading
Gemstone25KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ghosty (Pet)x3 Tier 1 LegendariesPetTrading
Ginger Luger42GunCrafting or Trading
Gingerblade35KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green Luger70GunCrafting or Trading
Hallow’s Blade23KnifeTrading
Hallow’s Edge27KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Hallowgun50GunUnboxing or Trading
Handsaw17KnifeCrafting or Trading
Heat42KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ice Dragon26KnifeTrading
Ice Phoenixx4 SeersPetTrading
Ice Shard20KnifeTrading
Iceblaster115GunUnboxing or Trading
Iceyx1 SeerPetTrading
Laser (Godly)50GunUnboxing or Trading
Lightbringer83GunUnboxing or Trading
Luger70GunUnboxing or Trading
Minty42GunUnboxing or Trading
Old Glory53KnifeTrading
Orange Seer10KnifeTrading
Phoenixx12 SeersPetTrading
Pumpking40KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Purple Seer12KnifeTrading
Red Luger75GunCrafting or Trading
Red Seer13KnifeTrading
Sakura285KnifeTrading or Buying
Sammyx10 SeersPetTrading
Saw15KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Seerx10 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Shark48GunUnboxing or Trading
Skellyx5 SeersPetTrading
Slasher45KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Steambirdx11 SeersPetTrading
Sugar235GunUnboxing or Trading
Swirly Blade1850KnifeTrading
Swirly Gun2200GunUnboxing or Trading
Tides40KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Traveller (Pet)x5 SeersPetTrading
Vampire’s Edge12KnifeTrading
Winter’s Edge23KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Yellow Seer10KnifeTrading
MM2 Godly values list

MM2 Legendary values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
Arctic (Gun)2GunTrading
Arctic (Knife)x3 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Aurora Gun (2021)1GunTrading
Aurora Knife (2021)x2 T1 LegendariesKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Bat (Pet)x1 T1 LegendaryPetTrading
Blue Elitex12KnifeTrading
Blue SparkletimeRadioTrading
Cavern (Gun)x3 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Cavern (Knife)x110 SeersKnifeTrading
Cotton Candyx215KnifeTrading
Diamond (Radio)RadioTrading
Dual WieldEffectTrading
Electric (Effect)EffectTrading
Elitex4 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Eliteyx2 T1 RaresPetTrading
Emeraldx3 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Fadex4 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Fusionx4 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Game SystemMiscCrafting or Trading
Ghost (Gun)x4GunUnboxing or Trading
Ghost (Knife)x20KnifeTrading
Ginger Gun (2018)x16GunTrading
Ginger Knife (2018)x1 SeerKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green Elitex35KnifeTrading
Green Firex2KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green SparkletimeRadioTrading
Icecrackerx4KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Midnightx3 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
MLGKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Overseer (Gun)x3 T1 LegendariesGunTrading
Overseer (Knife)x4 T1 RareKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Overseer Eyex70PetTrading
Pink SparkletimeRadioTrading
Plasmitex4 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Predator (Gun)x4 T1 RaresGunUnboxing or Trading
Predator (Knife)x3 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Red Firex6KnifeTrading
Red Pumpkin (2020)x4PetTrading
Red Pumpkin (2021)x2 T1 LegendariesPetTrading
Red SparkletimeRadioTrading
Ripper (Gun)x3 T1 LegendariesGunUnboxing or Trading
Ripper (Knife)1KnifeTrading
Rudolph Petx40PetTrading
Runex1 T1 LegendaryKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Santa’s Magicx35KnifeTrading
Santa’s Spiritx27KnifeTrading
Scratch (2016)x18KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Scratch (2017)x8KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Shinyx4 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Skulls (2019)x18 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Skully (Pet)x3 T1 LegendariesPetTrading
Sparklex3 T1 LegendariesGunTrading
Spectral (Gun)x2 T1 LegendariesGunUnboxing or Trading
Spectral (Knife)x2KnifeTrading
Splash (Gun)x1 T1 LegendaryGunUnboxing or Trading
Splash (Knife)x4 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Tree Gun (2015)x27GunUnboxing or Trading
Tree Knife (2015)x27KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Universex4 T1 RaresGunUnboxing or Trading
Vampire Batx55PetTrading
Vampire Gun (2022)x3 SeersGunTrading
Vampire Knife (2022)x3 T1 LegendariesKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Viperx4 T1 RaresGunUnboxing or Trading
MM2 Legendary values list

MM2 Rare values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
Abstractx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Acex4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Aurora Gun (2019)x10 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Aurora Knife (2019)x155KnifeTrading
Baconx4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Batsx13 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Bearx1 T1 RarePetTrading
Blackx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Blue Flaming KnifeEffectTrading
Bones (2020)x2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy Swirl (Gun)x85 SeersGunTrading
Candy Swirl (Knife)x8 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cane Gun (2015)x30GunUnboxing or Trading
Cane Gun (2018)x2 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Cane Knife (2015)x30KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cane Knife (2018)115KnifeTrading
Curse (Knife)x2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Dampx2 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Deep Seax1 T1 RareKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Dungeon18KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Flaming (Radio)RadioTrading
Galacticx4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Galaxyx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ghostfire (Gun)x3 T1 RaresGunTrading
Ghosts (Gun)x3 T1 RaresGunTrading
Ginger Gun (2015)x22GunUnboxing or Trading
Ginger Knife (2015)x22KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread (2017)x3 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread Gun (2022)GunTrading
Gingerbread Knife (2022)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green Flaming KnifeEffectTrading
Green Marblex20KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green Pumpkin (2019)x60 SeersPetTrading
Green Pumpkin (2020)x1 SeersPetTrading
Green Pumpkin (2021)PetTrading
Hackerx4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Ice Camox2 T1 RaresGunUnboxing or Trading
Icicles (Gun)105GunTrading
Icicles (Knife)2KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Imbuedx4 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
IRevolverx4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Korbloxx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Kryptox4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Magma (2017)x23 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Magma (Gun)x3 T1 RaresGunTrading
Magma (Knife)x2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Makeshift (Knife)x3 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Mechbugx25 SeersPetTrading
Molten (Gun)x2 T1 LegendariesGunTrading
Molten (Knife)x2 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Mr. Reindeerx1 SeerPetTrading
Mummy (2015)25GunTrading
Musicalx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Netherx2 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Nightfirex1 T1 RareGunUnboxing or Trading
Novax4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Orange Marblex16 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Pink Flaming KnifeEffectTrading
Portal (Gun)GunTrading
Portal (Knife)x3 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Purplex4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Rainbow (Gun)x1 T1 RareGunUnboxing or Trading
Rainbow (Knife)x4 T1 UncommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Rainbow (radio)RadioTrading
Rainbow FireEffectTrading
Rare Ornament (Misc)MiscTrading
Red Pumpkin (2019)x53PetTrading
Santa Petx40 SeersPetTrading
Silent Night (Gun)x2 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Silent Night (Knife)x18 SeersKnifeTrading
Snakebite (Gun)8GunUnboxing or Trading
Snakebite (Knife)75KnifeTrading
Snowflakes (2020)x3 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Snowy (2017)x3 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Spacex1 T1 RareKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Spectrumx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Spitfirex2 T1 LegendariesGunTrading
Spray PaintEmoteTrading
Squirex4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Starry Gun (2021)x2 T1 RaresGunTrading
Starry Knife (2021)x2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Swirlx3 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Tankiex30 SeersPetTrading
Toxic (Gun)12GunUnboxing or Trading
Toxic (Knife)x240KnifeTrading
Tree Gun (2022)4 X 2 (T1) RareGunUnboxing or Trading
Tree Knife (2022)4 X 3 (T1) RareKnifeTrading
Vampire Gun (2018)x215GunTrading
Vampire Knife (2018)8KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Vortexx4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Watcher Gun (2021)x3 T1 RaresGunTrading
Watcher Knife (2021)x2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Wraith (Gun)x2 T1 RaresGunUnboxing or Trading
Wraith (Knife)x3 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Zombified Knife (2022)x3 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
MM2 Rare values list

MM2 Uncommon values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
Adurite (Gun)x4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Adurite (Knife)x4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Biogunx1 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Bluex4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Blue Pumpkin (2019)x12PetTrading
Blue Pumpkin (2020)x2 T1 LegendariesPetTrading
Bluesteel (Gun)x4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Bluesteel (Knife)x4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Bones (2019)x18 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Box of Blue Wrapping Paperx22 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Fertilizerx20 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Gold Papersx26 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Green Wrapping Paperx16 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Purple Wrapping Paperx24 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Red Wrapping Paperx18 SeersMiscTrading
Box of Ultra Wrapx30 SeersMiscTrading
Brains (2022)x2 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Branchesx20 SeersKnifeTrading
Brushx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Camo (Gun)x4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Camo (Knife)x1 T1 UncommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cautionx4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Checkerx2 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Cheddarx4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Cheesyx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chillyx30 SeersPetTrading
Circuitx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Common OrnamentEffectTrading
Cookie (Gun)x2 T1 Uncommons (Supreme)GunUnboxing or Trading
Cookie (Knife)KnifeTrading
Doge (Knife)x4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Donutx2 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Elf Pet (2019)x20 SeersPetTrading
Fade (radio)RadioTrading
Fall Camox2 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Foxx3 T1 CommonPetTrading
Frosty (2017)x2 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Frozen (Gun)x60 SeersGunTrading
Frozen (Knife)x3 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Futurex2 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Ghostly (Knife)x3 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Ghosts (Knife)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Giftedx20 SeersKnifeTrading
Gifts 2015x2 SeersMiscTrading
Gingerbread Gun (2019)x2 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread Gun (2020)x4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread Gun (2021)x2 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread Knife (2019)x30 SeersKnifeTrading
Gingerbread Knife (2020)x4 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Gothic (Gun)x2 T1 UncommonsGunTrading
Gothic (Knife)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Graffitix1 T1 UncommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Hazard (Gun)x3 T1 UncommonsGunTrading
Hazard (Knife)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Hazmatx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
High Techx1 T1 UncommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Hivex4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Holly Gun (2018)x7 SeersGunTrading
Holly Knife (2018)x1 SeerKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Jigsawx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Lantern (Knife)x3 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Legendary OrnamentEffectTrading
Lights (Gun)x35 SeersGunTrading
Lights (Knife)x2 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
LMFAO (Knife)KnifeTrading
Love (Gun)x3 T1 RaresGunTrading
Luckyx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Marinax4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Melonx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Missingx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Mistletoe (Gun)GunTrading
Mistletoe (Knife)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Moonlight (Gun)x3 T1 UncommonsGunTrading
Moonsx13 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Mummy (2017)x12 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Mummy Gun (2018)x53 SeersGunTrading
Mummy Gun (2020)GunUnboxing or Trading
Mummy Knife (2018)x7 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Mummy Knife (2020)KnifeTrading
Nightx2 T1 RaresGunTrading
Northern LightsEffectTrading
Nutcrackerx17 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Overseer (radio)RadioTrading
Paperx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Pigx3 T1 CommonPetTrading
Pinkx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Piratex1 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Potion (2017)x8 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Potion Gun (2018)x15 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Potion Knife (2018)x115 SeersKnifeTrading
Pumpkin (Knife)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Rare OrnamentEffectTrading
RC CarMiscTrading
Redx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Shadow Pumpkinx4 T1 RaresPetTrading
Sketchx4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Skulls (2021)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Snow KeyMiscTrading
Snowflake (Gun)GunUnboxing or Trading
Snowflake (Knife)KnifeTrading
Snowflake Gun (2018)x1 SeerGunUnboxing or Trading
Snowflake Key 2018x1 SeerMiscTrading
Snowflake Knife (2018)x8 SeersKnifeTrading
Snowman Gun (2015)x25 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Snowman Gun (2021)GunTrading
Snowman Knife (2015)x25 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Snowman Knife (2021)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Snowy (2015)x17 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Sodax4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Stalkerx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Stockings Gun (2022)GunUnboxing or Trading
Stockings Knife (2022)KnifeTrading
Sweaterx2 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Sweater Gun (2018)x1 SeerGunUnboxing or Trading
Sweater Knife (2018)x7 SeersKnifeTrading
Tigerx1 T1 UncommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Toy RobotMiscCrafting or Trading
Tree Knife (2017)x2 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Tree Knife (2021)KnifeTrading
Uncommon OrnamentEffectTrading
Uncommon Ornament (Misc)MiscTrading
Vampire (2016)x8 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Voidx3 T1 LegendariesKnifeTrading
Wanwoodx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Websx4 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Winter KeyKeyTrading
Witchbrewx2 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Wolfx10 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Woodenx4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Wraiths (Gun)x2 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Wraiths (Knife)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Wrap (Gun)x4 T1 UncommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Wrap (Knife)x4 T1 UncommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Wrapped Gun (2015)x23 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Wrapped Knife (2015)x23 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Zombie Gun (2018)x100 SeersGunTrading
Zombie Knife (2018)x8 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Zombie Knife (2021)x2 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Zombified (Gun)x15 SeersGunTrading
Zombified (Knife)x7 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
MM2 Uncommon values list

MM2 Common values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
2015x18 SeersKnifeTrading
8bitx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Alexx1 SeerKnifeTrading
Aliensx2 T1 Commons (Supreme)GunTrading
Apocalypse (Gun)x3 T1 CommonsGunTrading
Apocalypse (Knife)x3 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Aquax1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Asteroidx10 SeersGunTrading
Aurora (Effect)EffectTrading
Badgerx8 SeersPetTrading
BasketballMiscCrafting or Trading
Bats (Effect)EffectTrading
Bats Gun (2018)x7 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Bats Knife (2018)x25 SeersKnifeTrading
Bats Knife (2020)x4 T1 UncommonsKnifeTrading
Big Killx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Bitx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Black Catx35PetTrading
Bleachedx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Blossom (2016)x18 SeersKnifeTrading
Blue Candy Cane ’18RadioTrading
Blue Candy Cane (Radio)RadioTrading
Blue Pumpkin (2018)x60PetTrading
Bluesteel (Radio)RadioTrading
Bones (2016)x3 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Boombastic (Radio)RadioTrading
Bordersx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Brains (2016)x2 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Brains (2019)x18 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Brownx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Bunnyx18 SeersKnifeTrading
Bunny (Pet)x1 T1 CommonPetTrading
Camo (Radio)RadioTrading
Candied (Gun)GunUnboxing or Trading
Candied (Knife)KnifeTrading
Candies Effect (2019)EffectTrading
Candies Effect (2022)EffectTrading
Candlex2 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy Cane (radio)RadioTrading
Candy Cane EffectEffectTrading
Candy Cane ‘18RadioTrading
Candy Corn (2017)x1 SeerKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy Corn (2019)x3 T1 Commons (Supreme)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy Corn Gun (2020)x2 T1 Commons (Supreme)GunUnboxing or Trading
Candy Corn Gun (2022)x3 T1 CommonsGunTrading
Candy Corn Knife (2020)x2 T1 Common (Supreme)KnifeTrading
Candy Corn Knife (2022)x2 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Candy RadioRadioTrading
Cane Gun (2021)GunTrading
Cane Knife (2021)x2 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cardboardx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Carrotx12 SeersKnifeTrading
Carved (Gun)x2 T1 CommonsGunTrading
Carved (Knife)x3 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Cat1 x T1 CommonPetTrading
Cat (Gun)x2 T1 Commons (Supreme)GunUnboxing or Trading
Cherryx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Chocox18 SeersKnifeTrading
Clanx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Clown (Gun)x1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Clown (Knife)x1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Coal (2017)x1 SeerKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Coal (radio)RadioTrading
Coal Gun (2018)x1 SeerGunUnboxing or Trading
Coal Gun (2021)x2 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Coal Gun (2022)GunTrading
Coal Knife (2018)x2 SeersKnifeTrading
Coal Knife (2021)x2 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Coal Knife (2022)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Coldx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Combatx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Combat IIKnifeTrading
Common Ornament (Misc)MiscTrading
Copperx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Corlx1 SeerKnifeTrading
Cracks (Gun)x3 T1 Commons (Supreme)GunTrading
Cracks (Knife)x2 T1 Commons (Supreme)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Darkness (Gun)x2 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Darkness (Knife)x3 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Default GunGunTrading
Default KnifeKnifeTrading
Default RadioRadioTrading
Denisx1 SeerKnifeTrading
Dogx1 T1 CommonPetTrading
Doge (Effect)EffectTrading
Dubstep (Radio)RadioTrading
Ecox1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ectox6 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Eggx12 SeersKnifeTrading
Elderwood (radio)RadioTrading
Elf (2017)x1 SeerKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Elf (2018)x2 SeersGunTrading
Elf Gun (2015)x17 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Elf Knife (2015)x48 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Elf Pet (2016)x15 SeersPetTrading
Elite RadioRadioTrading
Engravedx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Ethereal (Effect)EffectTrading
Eurox10 SeersKnifeTrading
Eyeball (Knife)x2 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Falloutx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Fidget SpinnerMiscCrafting or Trading
Flaming KnifeEffectTrading
Frostbite (Effect)EffectTrading
Frosted (Gun)x1 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Frosted (Knife)x2 T1 RaresKnifeTrading
Gear StormEffectTrading
Ghost RadioRadioTrading
Ghosts (Effect)EffectTrading
Ghosty (Knife)x4 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Gift Bag (Gun)x4 T1 CommonsGunUnboxing or Trading
Gift Bag (Knife)x4 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Gifts (Gun)x1 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Gifts (Knife)x7 SeersKnifeTrading
Giftwrapx4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Gingerbread (Effect)EffectTrading
Gingerbread (radio)RadioTrading
Glitch1x47 SeersKnifeTrading
Golden (radio)RadioTrading
Goox4 SeersKnifeTrading
Grave (Gun)x32 SeersGunTrading
Grave (Knife)x7 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Greenx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Green Candy Cane RadioRadioTrading
Green Pumpkin (2018)x25PetTrading
Grindx9 SeersKnifeTrading
Hallow’s BlazeEffectTrading
Hardenedx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Haunted (2021)x2 T1 Commons (Supreme)KnifeUnboxing or Trading
Haunted (Gun)x6 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Haunted (Knife)x22 SeersKnifeTrading
Heart Petx23PetTrading
Heartsx30 SeersKnifeTrading
HL2x1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Hunterx3 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Icex1 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ice (radio)RadioTrading
Ice MagicEffectTrading
Indyx7 SeersKnifeTrading
Infectedx2 SeersKnifeTrading
Infected Gun (2022)x3 T1 CommonsGunTrading
Infected Knife (2022)x3 T1 CommonsKnifeTrading
Infiltratorx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Ironx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Juicex1 T1 CommonGunTrading
Knife WrapperEffectTrading
Leafx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Linkedx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Logx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Love (Knife)x1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Lovelyx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Minty (radio)RadioTrading
Moonx2 T1 Commons (Supreme)KnifeTrading
Mr. Snowmanx2 T1 UncommonsPetTrading
Mummified Knifex2 T1 RaresKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Musical (Effect)EffectTrading
Mystery Keyx1 SeerMiscTrading
Neonx10 SeersKnifeTrading
Newsx1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Oilyx1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Olliex27 SeersKnifeTrading
Orangex1 T1 CommonKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ornament1 (Gun)x22 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Ornament1 (Knife)x22 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ornament2 (Gun)x30 SeersGunUnboxing or Trading
Ornament2 (Knife)x30 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Ornaments (Gun)x4 T1 CommonsGunTrading
Ornaments (Knife)x4 T1 CommonsKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Passionx22 SeersKnifeTrading
Patrickx8 SeersKnifeTrading
Peax1 T1 CommonGunUnboxing or Trading
Pengyx25 SeersPetTrading
Phantom (2017)x13 SeersKnifeUnboxing or Trading
Phantom (Effect)EffectTrading
Piggyx10 SeersPetTrading
Pine (Gun)x1 T1 UncommonGunUnboxing or Trading
MM2 Common values list

MM2 Vintage values

Item nameEstimated valueTypeObtained
America (Vintage)x28GunTrading
Laser (Vintage)x13GunTrading
MM2 Vintaeg values list

Last Words:

Above are the latest updated value lists of MM2. Lists are prepared based on online sources (e.g., Murder Mystery 2 wiki and other sites). Here, we try to update values with some interval, to provide a fresh MM2 value list. So, it is suggested to visit this page frequently, as weapons values can change overtime based on different factors(popularity, rarity and more).

Note: Above given values are estimated values.