Ancient Values – MM2 Value List

This Ancient values – MM2 Value List presents a list of Murder Mystery 2’s Ancient weapons, along with their estimated worth values. The list includes the MM2 ancient weapon’s name and value.

At the end of the list, you will also find links to pages with value lists for Unique, Godly, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common, and Vintage weapons.

These Roblox mm2 weapon trade values are helpful while weapon selection and item trading.

MM2 Ancient weapons values

The following is a list of the estimated values of the ancient weapons in MM2:

  • Batwing worth – 70
  • Elderwood Scythe worth – 150
  • Hallowscythe worth – 80
  • Harvester worth – 3500
  • Icebreaker worth – 155
  • Icecrusher worth – 5000000
  • Icepiercer worth – 3475
  • Icewing worth – ?
  • Logchopper worth – 5000000
  • Nik’s Scythe worth – 1000000
  • Reaver worth – ?
  • Swirly Axe worth – 5000000

Ancient weapons are a tier of weapons added to the game by Nikilis in mid-2018. They are typically obtained through holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas events.

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