Board Kings Free Rolls Links June 2024

Dice roll is the main thing in Board Kings multiplayer board game. To play the game, upgrade board, and progress in the game, you need dice rolls.

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Now, the question is how to get free rolls or free dice in Board Kings: Online Board Game. In the Board Kings game, you can get free Board Kings dice rolls in different ways. E.g., Board Kings daily rewards, daily free rolls links and more.

June 22, 2024:

Board Kings Free 80 Rolls

June 20, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Rolls

June 18, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Rolls

June 17, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Rolls

June 16, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Rolls

June 15, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Juice

June 14, 2024:

Board Kings Free 40 Rolls

Free rolls links are a quick and free option to get dice rolls for the Board Kings game. Above list have board kings free rolls today link and old links.

How to get free dice rolls from a board kings rolls link?

To claim a dice roll gift from the Board Kings gift link, you need to open the gift link and the link will open a Board Kings game, where you can claim your gift.

What is the expiration time of the free roll’s gift link?

Probably 2-3 days. So, it is good practice to claim your gift from a link whenever it’s available.

Game developers share daily reward links on the game’s facebook page. You can get these links from Board Kings’s facebook page. Or, visit this page for the latest links.

How do you get more rolls on Board Kings?

There are many ways to get more rolls on Board Kings. You can use free rolls links, get hourly free dice rolls, watch ads to earn rolls, invite friends for a rolls gift, level up your board, complete sticker albums, and participate in missions and events. You can also get free rolls by completing Idolz sets and checking the daily bonus wheel.

Hourly free dice rolls

In the game, you will get 5 free rolls in every hour interval. You can see the remaining time to get these rolls below the dice capsule bar.

It means, you will get 120 free rolls in a day from this option. This is amazing.

Play game with Facebook login

You can play Board Kings with Facebook login or as a guest player. Game gives free dice rolls and other rewards when you play the game with Facebook login.

Also, to get more benefits in game players require Facebook login. You can logout and remove Facebook connect from game settings at any time.

Free gift – Video ads

Game have a free gift option in the main menu, by using this option – you can watch video ads and get coins, dice rolls or other game items as a reward.

This option does not give too many free rolls, but it can be helpful when you need emergency dice rolls in game.

Invite friends

Inviting friends to play the game is a good option to play Board Kings with friends and get free rolls and rewards.

In game, you can send an invite link to your friends. And, if your friend downloads and joins a game with game criteria, then you and your friend both get a free rolls gift.

Board Kings friends code

Friends code is a unique referral code, when you play a game with Facebook login, you can find this code in the main menu. (e.g., 123-456-789)

This code can be used for search and add friends in game, you can share your code to your friends, so, they can add you in game and both of you get free gifts in game.

Complete board levels

You will get different rewards when you upgrade all buildings and complete board levels.


  • Free rolls
  • Stickers
  • Cops unit
  • Coins

So, board level completion is also a way to get free rolls.

Complete sticker albums

In game, you can get stickers from rewards, by exchanging with friends and playing the game.

And, once you complete any sticker sets in sticker albums, you will get free rolls and other game resource item rewards.

Play missions and events

In missions or events, you need to play the game and collect mission items or complete some tasks. Once you do that, you will get different rewards.

For example, in Dice Mission, in the first phase, you will get 10 dice on collecting 4 mission items.

Free promotional offers

Sometimes as a promotional offer, you will get some free gifts and an option to purchase an offer.

Here, you can collect free stuff and leave that offer or purchase offer.

Daily Goodies

Board Kings Daily Goodies feature give day wise free rolls, coins and more gifts. Goodies are available day 1 to day 7 range. You can collect free gifts by opening a game daily.

Here, to get more rewards from daily goodies, try to be regular for playing the game daily.

Spin daily bonus wheel

Board Kings daily bonus wheel feature gives a chance to win free rolls, coins or Jackpot Box(rolls + coins).

In the game, you get one free bonus spin chance for a daily bonus wheel. Here, you get a reward where your bonus wheel stops. After free chance, you get a paid option to spin wheel, which is optional and you can avoid.

To open the daily bonus wheel, you need to click the rainbow wheel circular icon with bunny on the right side of the screen.

Complete Idolz sets

Board Kings Idolz Sets are collections of Idolz. Idol which represents yourself on board. You can collect Idolz and complete different Idolz sets.

In the game, you get free rolls and coins as a gift on completion of the Idolz set. There are 65+ Idolz sets, which are unlocked at different levels.

That’s it,

Hope you find all these Board Kings free rolls options helpful. We will update this list once we find new options.

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