Treasure of Nadia Crafting Recipe List (All Recipes)

The Treasure of Nadia crafting recipes list provides detailed information regarding the names of recipe items and the ingredients required for crafting.

Treasure of Nadia: Crafting Recipes List | How to Craft Item | Related Locations

There are 38 crafting recipe items in the game. This guide provides an overview of all the ingredients required for each recipe item.

In Treasure of Nadia, a recipe is a collection of items that can be combined to create a new item. Players can combine items at the native shrine in Estero State Park to craft new items.

Throughout the game, players acquire and utilize various items to progress and enhance their gameplay experience. Items can be obtained by gathering them from the map, acquiring them through dialogue with other characters, or crafting them using recipes.

Treasure of Nadia Crafting Recipes List

1. ???

Ingredients: Death Doll, White Hair Stand, White Hair Stand and White Hair Stand.

2. Ant Killer

Ingredients: Fossilized Algae, Alumina, Quartz and Rusty Key.

3. Aloe Potion

Ingredients: Aloe Plant, Ginseng Plant, Shea Butter and Basic Container.

4. Bedroom Key

Ingredients: Maca Plant, Jaguar Hair, The Essence of Key and Aloe Plant.

5. Blow Dart

Ingredients: Bamboo, Dart, Scorpion Venom and Feather.

6. Casula Temple Key

Ingredients: Temple Key Parts, Temple Key Parts, Temple Key Parts and Temple Key Parts.

7. Chest Key

Ingredients: Broken Key, Broken Key, Broken Key and Broken Key.

8. Camera Repair

Ingredients: Broken Camera, Loose Screws, Camera Base and Small Screwdriver.

9. Chlorine Shock

Ingredients: Limestone, Container, Chlorine and Jasmine.

10. Concrete

Ingredients: Stone talisman, Fly Ash, White Sand and Dolomite.

11. Dehumidifier

Ingredients: Small Screwdriver, Silver ore, Broken Dehumidifier and Gold Talisman.

12. Deadly Whip

Ingredients: Whip, Royal Talisman, Poison Thorns and Show Glue.

13. God’s Shovel

Ingredients: God’s Shovel Handle, God’s Shovel Head, Talisman of the Gods and God’s Shovel Shaft.

14. Golden Teddy

Ingredients: Teddy Bear, Bumpy Candle, Gold Ore and White Sand.

15. Golden Compass

Ingredients: Compass Piece, Compass Piece, Compass Piece and Compass Piece.

16. Grand Talisman

Ingredients: Gold Ore, Gold Ore, Gold Ore and False Talisman.

17. Gold Talisman

Ingredients: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman and Gold Ore.

18. Hacking Tool

Ingredients: System BIOS, Key card, ID Card Writer and Encryption Scanner.

19. Jasmine Massage Oil

Ingredients: Basic Container, Jasmine, Rosa Moss and Love Potion.

20. Jade Shovel

Ingredients: Shovel Head, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Handle and Jade Talisman.

21. King’s Shovel

Ingredients: King’s Shovel Handle, King’s Shovel Shaft, King’s Shovel Head and Caulli’s Coin.

22. Loaded Musket

Ingredients: Old Bullet, Cleaning Oil, Old Musket and Silver Ore.

23. Metal Ladder

Ingredients: Ladder Segment, Ladder Segment, Ladder Segment and Silver Ore.

24. Mystical Gas Mask

Ingredients: Super Goggles, Grand Talisman, Painter’s Mask and Fly Ash.

25. Nitroglycerin

Ingredients: Soap, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid and Basic Container.

26. Penetrating Oil

Ingredients: Aloe Plant, Transmission Fluid, Nail Polish Remover and Basic Container.

27. Pirate Key

Ingredients: Grand Talisman, Broken Key, Pirate Medallion and Broken Key.

28. Pirate Shovel

Ingredients: Pirate Medallion, Jade Talisman, Cursed Shovel and Gold Talisman.

29. Pickaxe

Ingredients: Wrench Grip, Grappling Hook, Pipe Wrench and Gaffer Tape.

30. Rat Trap

Ingredients: Gaffer Tape, Roach, Plastic Wrap and Basic Container.

31. Rock Bomb

Ingredients: Basic Container, Silver Talisman, Nitroglycerin and Jade Talisman.

32. Royal Talisman

Ingredients: Grand Talisman, Grand Talisman, Grand Talisman and Caulli’s Coin.

33. Rope Ladder

Ingredients: Tiny Rope, Tiny Rope, Tiny Rope and Knot Tying Guide.

34. Silver Talisman

Ingredients: Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman, Stone Talisman and Silver Ore.

35. Swift Shovel

Ingredients: Ultra Shovel Hand, Carbon Shovel Shaft, Alloy Shovel Hand and Silver Talisman.

36. Stompin’ Boots

Ingredients: Shoelaces, Damaged Boots, Leather Gloves and Shoe Glue.

37. Tomb Key

Ingredients: Tomb Key Segment, Tomb Key Segment, Tomb Key Segment and Tikpak Artifact.

38. x3 Kam Page

Ingredients: Talisman of The Gods, Talisman of The Gods, Torn Page of The Same Color and Torn Page of The Same Color.

Treasure of Nadia Recipe FAQs

What is the process of crafting items in Treasure of Nadia?

Steps to craft new item:

  1. Activate the Native Shrine in the Treasure of Nadia.
  2. Offer items to the gods at the shrine in exchange for better items.
  3. If the crafting attempt fails, you’ll get your items back.
  4. Click on the shrine to initiate the crafting process.
  5. Select items from your inventory based on the Crafting Page.
  6. Upon successful crafting, you’ll receive a new item.

To craft items, Activate the Native Shrine to offer items for better ones. If you fail, you’ll get your items back. Click the shrine to start. Choose items from your inventory following the Crafting Page. Successful crafting gives you a new item.

Treasure of Nadia: Some locations for finding and crafting items

In the game “Treasure of Nadia,” several locations are associated with finding and crafting new items using recipes. These locations include Estero State Park, the Caverns, the Deep Jungle, the Full Mast Bar, the Lighthouse, the Church, and the Parlor.

For crafting, Estero State Park is an important location. In the game, Cape Vedra is a high-level town with multiple locations. Players can travel to different locations to find and craft items.

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