Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Chaser Mount and Vermin Brothers Locations List

In this Tower of Fantasy guide post, you will get answers to two questions – How to get Chaser Mount and What are the Vermin Brothers locations.

Let’s get started,

How to get Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy?

You can get Chaser Mount by collecting Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker.

Getting both items is not too hard, but sometime you need some luck to get them.

How to get Magnetic Rod?

Magnetic Rod found in supply pod. It is located at the top of the Rust Corridor near (-830, 472).

After reaching the location, find the supply pod and open it. You will get Magnetic Rod.

How to get Maglev Stalker?

Maglev Stalker is a low-probability drop item by the Vermin Brothers upon defeat.

Vermin Brothers enemies can be found in some specific locations across the map. These enemies were not too strong and easy to destroy.

But, due to low-probability of dropping Maglev Stalker, you need to spend lot of time to destroy these enemies multiple times.

Here is list of,

Vermin Brothers enemy locations:

  1. Rat’s Den (Astra)
  2. Anchorville (Banges)
  3. Loen Dock (Banges)
  4. North Signal Station (Banges)

And, once you get both Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker, you can use Chaser Mount.