Emoticons and Animations in Da Hood Roblox (Things to Know)

Da Hood is a role playing sandbox game. This post is about Da Hood Roblox Emoticons and Animations.

You will know – how to get Emoticons and Animations, chat commands for animation emoticons and more.

How to get Emoticons and Animations on Da Hood Roblox?

You can get Animations in Da Hood Roblox by purchasing an in-game animation pack, which costs 100 Robux.

Purchase Animation Pack is the only way to get Emoticons and Animations in Da Hood Roblox.

Using the animation pack, you can unlock in-game poses and dance animations.

How to use animations on Da Hood Roblox?

When you purchase an Animation Pack and unlock animations, you will find the “Animations” option on the left side of your game screen. And, you can select animations from given options.

Alternatively, you can also use the following commands in chat.

  • Wave: “/e wave”
  • Point: “/e point”
  • Cheer: “/e cheer”
  • Laugh: “/e laugh”
  • Dance: “/e dance2” or “/e dance3” or “/e dance”

That’s it, 

Hope you find this Da Hood Roblox emoticons and animations guide helpful.

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