How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends? (MLBB Diamonds)

This post will explain things about Mobile Legends diamonds – what are diamonds in MLBB, diamond use and ways to get free diamonds.

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What is diamond in Mobile Legends Game?

Diamond in Mobile Legends is like in-game currency. You can use them to get heroes, emotes, skins and other game resources. In game, free diamonds are rarely available.

Diamond use in Mobile Legends Game?

Diamond can be used for many things in Mobile Legends. Following is list of its usage.

  • Purchase or upgrade skins.
  • Draw events.
  • Purchase heroes.
  • Purchase emotes or emote bundles.
  • Purchase items or item bundles.
  • To purchase or upgrade Starlight membership.
  • To level up.
  • Purchase emblems.

How to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends?

There are few options to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends. Here we try to list them.

1. Free Diamond Events

Diamond Draw and the Callback Draw Event are two events which give you free diamonds.

Based on your guess number, you will get chance to get 0-10 free diamonds in Diamond Draw Event.

And, in the Callback Event, you can get a good amount of diamonds by inviting friends, who are not online for a week.

2. Be a MLBB KOL streamer

MLBB KOL Streamer members get large amounts of diamonds from Moonton. But, to be a KOL Streamer and follow its rules are hard things.

3. Play Tournaments

This option may be for high skill players. Here, you can take part in a tournament (hosted by Moonton) to get a chance to win free diamonds.

Sometimes, in tournaments live streaming giveaway codes are available, which can be also one way to get diamonds.

4. Gift from friends or other people

Your friend giving diamonds as a gift or someone hosting a giveaway are the ways to get free diamonds as a gift.

5. Participate in Lucky Spin

Lucky spin does not give you free diamonds, but gives a chance to get skins and lucky gem fragments. So, this is an alternative option to save diamonds.

If you want to use this option, it is available in shop “Draw” section.

6. Mobile Legends diamonds hack

There are many hacks listed online for Mobile Legends diamonds, but, we don’t recommend them to use. We also suggest staying away from such hacks which waste your time and get you banned in game.

There are other paid ways, like purchasing diamonds from a game shop or playing paid events. But, they are not listed here, because they are not free ways.

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