Da Hood Roblox Controls PC and Xbox

Here are lists of Da Hood Roblox controls for PC and Xbox console. Controls to move, ragdoll, crouch, carry, sprint, block, attack and more actions in Da Hood Roblox game.

Da Hood Roblox controls PC keys

  • W, A, S, D – Move around (respectively – forward, left, back, right)
  • F – Block (You can weave 100% by timely press)
  • G – Carry
  • E – Stomp
  • Esc – open the in-game settings
  • Left SHIFT – Sprint
  • Left CTRL – Crouch
  • Left SHIFT + G – (Crouch + Carry) to Ragdoll thrown
  • Mouse Left click – Attack (with equipped weapon)
  • I-O or Mouse wheel – Zoom in and out
  • 1,2,3,4,5… – Select items from your inventory
  • . (point) – Emote select

Da Hood Roblox controls Xbox controller

  • Left Thumbstick Hold – Run
  • B – Crouch
  • X – Reload
  • Y – Block (You can weave 100% by timely press)
  • Left Trigger – Aim
  • Right Trigger – Use item or Shoot
  • Directional Pad Up – Carry (Hold/Grab)
  • Directional Pad Down – Stomp
  • B + Directional Pad Up – (Crouch + Carry) to Ragdoll thrown

Da Hood Roblox controls mobile

There are no physical button controls in mobile for Da Hood Roblox. On mobile, you get built in controls on the game screen. You can perform any action by tapping a related option on screen.

In mobile, for full auto you must tap the shoot button below and track with your thumb. And, put the weapon away to stop.

That’s it,

Da Hood Roblox PC keyboard, Xbox console and mobile controls guide helps to perform fast actions. Next, practice above controls to get enough command over it.

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