Rocket League Ranks – Ranking System Explained

There are 23 possible ranks in the Rocket League ranking system. Here, you will know about the ranking system and all Rocket League ranks list.

Rocket League ranks

  1. Unranked
  2. Bronze I
  3. Bronze II
  4. Bronze III
  5. Silver I
  6. Silver II
  7. Silver III
  8. Gold I
  9. Gold II
  10. Gold III
  11. Platinum I
  12. Platinum II
  13. Platinum III
  14. Diamond I
  15. Diamond II
  16. Diamond III
  17. Champion I
  18. Champion II
  19. Champion III
  20. Grand Champion I
  21. Grand Champion II
  22. Grand Champion III
  23. Supersonic Legend

Rocket League ranking system

In the Rocket League ranking system, each rank (excluding Supersonic Legend) contains three tiers and each tier is divided in four divisions.

For example,

Rank Diamond I – Division III means, your rank is Diamond tier I’s division III. And, after two divisions, your rank will be Diamond II – Division I.

The first rank is Unranked and the high rank is Supersonic Legend. Ranks between these two divide in tiers and divisions.

In game, more game play and Ranked matches wins, helps to get higher individual Ranks. Next, after achieving Grand Champion I Rank, your Matchmaking Rank (MMR) will be displayed in the Playlist menu.

Ranks and Divisions in Rocket League help you to track your competitive progress. It also helps to find your position against the global player base.