Boba Tale Recipes List: Recipe Ingredients to Craft

This Boba Tale recipes list guide is about Boba Tale game recipes and their ingredients. Recipes list includes rare recipes and unique recipes lists.

In the Boba Tale game, your main objective is to serve the townspeople with delicious drinks while expanding your shop and enhancing your drink recipes.

To achieve this, having access to recipe lists will greatly assist you in your quest to establish a successful boba empire.

Boba Tale recipes

Boba Tale offers a variety of secret recipes that can be discovered by combining different ingredients. And for quick recipe crafting, the following are recipes lists.

1. Rare recipes in Boba Tale

  • Regular Boba : Boba Powder, Brown Sugar
  • Golden Boba : Boba Powder, Honey
  • Ube Boba : Boba Powder, Ube Yam
  • Star Boba : Boba Powder, Star Fruit
  • Cheese Foam : Milk Creamer, Cream Cheese
  • Ube Jelly : Jelly Powder, Ube Yam
  • Golden Jelly : Jelly Powder, Honey
  • Black Tea : 2x Black Tea
  • Oolong Tea : 2x Oolong Tea
  • Jasmine Tea : 2x Jasmine
  • Matcha Tea : 2x Matcha Powder
  • Black Milk Tea : Black Tea, Milk Creamer
  • Oolong Milk Tea : Oolong Tea, Milk Creamer
  • Jasmine Milk Tea : Jasmine Tea, Milk Creamer
  • Matcha Latte : Matcha Powder, Milk Creamer
  • HK Milk Tea : Black Tea, Condensed Milk

2. Unique recipes in Boba Tale

  • Original Bubble Tea : Black Milk Tea, Regular Boba
  • Jasmine Bubble Tea : Jasmin Milk Tea, Regular Boba
  • Oolong Bubble Tea : Oolong Milk Tea, Regular Boba
  • Super Bubble Tea : Black Milk Tea, Regular Boba, Brown Sugar
  • Sweet Overload Tea : Jasmine Tea, Honey, Golden Boba
  • Purple Rain Boba Tea : Jasmine Tea, Ube Boba, Ube Jelly
  • Golden Delight Tea : Jasmine Tea, 2x Golden Boba
  • XO Love Boba Tea : Jasmine Tea, Golden Boba, Star Boba
  • Cheese Top Assam Tea : Cheese Foam, Black Milk Tea
  • Cheese Top Floral Tea : Cheese Foam, Jasmine Milk Tea
  • Cheese Top Matcha Tea : Cheese Foam, Matcha Latte
  • Honey Boba Milk Tea : Black Milk Tea, Golden Boba
  • Midnight Star Milk Tea : Oolong Milk Tea, Star Boba
  • Happy Family Milk Tea : Oolong Tea, Regular Boba, Golden Boba
  • Nom Nom Milk Tea : Black Milk Tea, Cheese Foam, Brown Sugar
  • Fortune Milk Tea : Black Milk Tea, Oolong Milk Tea, Golden Boba
  • Royal Milk Tea : 3x HK Milk Tea
  • Shaved Ice Red Bean : Red Beans, Condensed Milk, Crystal Ice
  • Shaved Ice Ube : Ube Yam, Condensed Milk, Crystal Ice
  • Panda Boba Tea : Black Milk Tea, Regular Boba, Golden Boba
  • Brown Sugar Milk : Milk Creamer, Brown Sugar, Regular Boba
  • Honey Boba Green Milk : Jasmine Milk Tea, Golden Boba
  • Matcha Red Bean : Matcha Latte, 2x Red Beans
  • Imperial Oolong Boba : Oolong Milk Tea, Regular Boba, Brown Sugar
  • Sugar Rush Boba Tea : Black Milk Tea, Regular Boba, Regular Boba
  • Sweet Purpe Boba Tea : Jasmine Milk Tea, Ube Boba, Milk Creamer
  • Honey Baby Milk Tea : Black Milk Tea, Ube Yam, Honey
  • Stardew Alley Boba Tea : Oolong Milk Tea, Cheese Foam, Star Boba
  • Moon & Stars Boba Tea : Jasmine Milk Tea, 2x Star Boba
  • Beanie Baby Boba Tea : Black Milk Tea, Red Beans, Condensed Milk
  • Aloe Love Milk Tea : Jasmine Milk Tea, 2x Aloe Vera
  • Refreshing Delight Tea : Jasmine Tea, Star Boba, Aloe Vera
  • Star Glow Delight Tea : Oolong Tea, Star Boba, Golden Jelly
  • Double Milk Latte : Black Tea, 2x Milk Creamer
  • Twilight Crystal Tea : Jasmine Tea, 2x Ube Jelly
  • Boba Fluff Milk Tea : Oolong Milk Tea, Cheese Foam, Regular Boba

Boba Tale crafting new recipes: Things to know

  • You can combine ingredients and unlock new recipes in Craft Station.
  • Mai Hong sells ingredients.
  • Pippy buys unwanted items (ingredients).
  • Matchan keeps a catalog of learned recipes.
  • After mastering all the recipes, Gordo, the President of the Boba League, will acknowledge your achievements.

That concludes our post on Boba Tale Recipes.

We hope that the provided list of recipes will help you save time that would otherwise be spent on trial and error with different recipes in the game.

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