Tower of Hell Halos and How to Get Them (Roblox)

The Tower of Hell game in Roblox features over 15 Halos, with four being obtainable, three being unattainable, and eight being staff Halos.

These exclusive effects (Halos) are designed for players who have reached specific milestones in various categories.

Let us now review the complete inventory of Tower of Hell Halos and learn the methods to acquire them.

Tower of Hell obtainable Halos

There are obtainable halos in the current version of Tower of Hell that can be acquired and earned by players.

  • Blue Halo
  • Pink Halo
  • Purple Halo
  • Teal Halo

How to get Blue Halo

The Blue Halo in Tower of Hell can be obtained through a legendary effect from Robux effect boxes. It is important to note that this is the only halo available in the game that is not awarded by a badge.

So, if you want to add this unique halo to your collection, you will need to keep an eye out for those Robux effect boxes and hope for the best!

How to get Pink Halo

To get the Pink Halo in Tower of Hell, you need to reach level 80 and fully purchase or upgrade all the items in the skill tree. (You get this along with the Maxed badge.)

How to get Purple Halo

To get the Purple Halo in Tower of Hell, it is necessary to possess all badges. These badges include the Explorer, Secret, Mutated, Pro, Newbie, Collector, and Maxed badges.

By obtaining each of these badges, one can successfully obtain the coveted Purple Halo in the game.

How to get Teal Halo

To get the Teal Halo in Tower of Hell, you need to obtain all the effects that are accessible through coin boxes, excluding the effects from the Robux box or exclusive effects.

By doing so, you will also earn the Collector badge.

Tower of Hell Unobtainable Halos

The halos mentioned here are now inaccessible and cannot be acquired anymore.

However, individuals who managed to obtain them before they became unobtainable still possess them, except for the RB Halo.

  • RB Halo
  • Green Halo
  • Red Halo

Tower of Hell Staff Halos

The halos mentioned here are specifically reserved for the staff team and a select group of friends associated with the staff team.

  • Silver Halo (Exclusive to Tower of Hell builders)
  • Gold Halo (Exclusive to Tower of Hell admins)
  • Rainbow Halo (Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl)
  • Glass Halo (Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl)
  • Rainbow V2 Halo (Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl)
  • Black Ring Halo (Exclusive to ObrenTune and uwuPyxl)
  • Blue Ring Halo (Exclusive to specific community contributors)
  • Obren’s Inferno (Exclusive to ObrenTune and his close friends)

At Last,

Some details about removed halos.

The Orange and Old Blue halos that were previously available in the game have been removed from both the game and players’ inventories.

However, one of the halos has made a comeback with a new method of obtaining it, while the other can now only be obtained through the assistance of staff members.