Time Fountain Family Island – Get More Free Energy Guide

This post is a guide about Family Island Time Fountain. You will know Time Fountain overview,  guide to get free energy from fountain, and information to get Time Sphere to upgrade a fountain.

Time Fountain overview

Time Fountain in Family Island is a structure item which unlocks at level 14. This fountain gives free energy within an interval of 8 hours. You can upgrade the fountain to get more energy from it.

How to get a Time Fountain?

Time Fountain is a free resource in Family Island and unlocks at level 14. So, to get Time Fountain, you need to reach level 14.

Get 40 energy by Time Fountain upgrade

To get 40 free energy from Time Fountain, you need to repair(upgrade to lvl. 2) after getting 40 energy three times. And, to upgrade or repair the fountain, you need a Time Sphere.

Actually, level 2 Time Fountain gives the opportunity to get 40 energy three times. After that, the fountain breaks and you can fix it again. In a broken state, Time Fountain gives 5 energy only.

How to get Time Spheres?

Time Spheres can be found on Forgotten Island. This island regularly opens in the game. You can follow the game’s social media pages to notify Forgotten Island appearance.

You can also find Time Spheres as a gift in Family Island free energy gift links.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Time Fountain guide helpful to get more free energy in Family Island.