Family Island Seasonal Flower Garden – Fabulous Meduzalfa

This guide is about Family Island Seasonal Flower Garden, which is a secret garden for the new season. You will know – What is Seasonal Flower Garden, important things and required level from this guide.

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What is a Seasonal Flower Garden in Family Island?

Every season in the Family Island game, a new garden bed will appear on Home Island, which is Seasonal Flower Garden.

Here, you can plant a new flower and fertilize it, until it’s fully grown to blossom.

Seasonal Flower Garden appears in a special area of your Home Island. To access the Flower Garden feature, you need to reach level 8.

How to grow flowers in a Family Island seasonal garden?

Following are steps to grow flowers or play the seasonal flower garden in Family Island.

  1. Collect flower tokens – You can collect them during season is live and use them to feed your flowers.
  2. Grow your fragrant flowers – By this, you will reach higher levels and increase experience points.
  3. Complete levels – To get rewards complete all 12 levels. After level 12, flowers will not grow, but you can continue fertilizing the flower for XPs.

Flower Tokens in Family Island

In Family Island, Flower Tokens are bottles of fertilizer. Every season flower tokens have different names. Also, each flower has its own flower token.

You can collect flower tokens until the season is over and fertilize your flowers. Here, tokens will only be used to fertilize related flowers and not used on flowers from earlier seasons.

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Hope you find this Family Island Seasonal Flower Garden guide helpful. Now, be ready for Family Island’s MAGIC SUNROSE of this season.