Animal Kingdom Coin Raid Jackpot Sammy – Guide and Tips

This guide is about Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid Jackpot Sammy mini game. Guide includes, how to play Jackpot Sammy information and helpful tips.

Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom Coin Raid

In the Animal Kingdom Coin Raid game, Jackpot Sammy is a mini game. There are 15 stages in Jackpot Sammy, each stage gives free rewards and stage 15 gives grand rewards.

Some users also called Jackpot Sammy a cup & snake game. Here, you need to pick one cup from three cups, if your cup has a snake – you are out, otherwise you will continue to the next level.

How to play Jackpot Sammy in Animal Kingdom Coin Raid?

In Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid, you can get a chance to play Jackpot Sammy as a reward.

E.g., Events reward. By collecting event items and completing a progress bar, you can get Jackpot Sammy to play. There are other options too, which you can know by playing the Animal Kingdom game.

How to play,

  1. Pick a cup.
  2. If the cup has a reward, you get it and move to the next stage.
  3. But, if the cup has a snake, you can continue the game by watching an Ad / spending Gems, or you need to leave the game and lose all rewards.
  4. Complete all stages and collect all stage rewards with stage 15 grand reward.

By playing and completing Jackpot Sammy stages, you can win coins, energies and more rewards in the Animal Kingdom game.

Tips for Jackpot Sammy – Animal Kingdom Coin Raid

  • There is no specific pattern to select a cup and always win Jackpot Sammy. So, use your experience to avoid the snake cup.
  • Use free options to continue the game, in the case of a snake cup.
  • Spend gems based on your gems balance, otherwise ignore.
  • Don’t be greedy and skip playing, if it looks costlier to continue.

That’s it,

Hope you find a guide helpful to play Animal Kingdom: Coin Raid Jackpot Sammy.