Animals & Coins Card Collections Guide

This guide provides an overview of the card collections feature in Animals & Coins. Topics covered include: Cards, Collections, Card set rewards, Card trading and Rarity stars.

Let’s get started,

1. Cards

Cards are collectible items in Animals & Coins. In game, cards can be collected from chests and different game activities. Cards used to complete card sets and get rewards.

Cards rarity

All cards come with different rarity stars (1-5 stars). Each rarity star on a new collected card gives 1 XP.

2. Card collections

Card collection is a group of different themed card sets. Card sets in the collection are accessible progressively as you advance through the game levels.

In the game, you can open your collections by tapping the card collection button from the bottom tab bar.

3. Card set

A card set is a group of cards with a common theme. Each card set consists of nine cards. A card set is completed when all nine cards in the set are collected. Upon completion of a card set, the player receives energy, coins, and other game rewards.

Card set rewards

Each card set in Animals & Coins contains rewards, which you can get after completing the set.

Card sets can be rewarded with various in-game items, such as energy, coins, chests, and more. The rewards for card sets with rare cards can be more substantial.

4. Card trading

From Animals & Coins card sets, you can trade cards by asking for a required card and sending extra duplicate cards.

Ask for card

To ask for a card, tap on the card or card block in the card set and then tap the “Ask” button.

Send card

To send a card, please tap on the desired card in the card set, and then tap the “Send” button. Please note that you can only send one card at a time, if you have more than one.

That’s all about the Animals & Coins collections feature. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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