Roblox Rap Music Codes (Rap Song IDs)

This is a list of Roblox rap music ID codes that can be played using the in-game Radio Boombox feature. The list includes some best rap songs ID code, song name, and artist name.

What are music codes in Roblox?

Music codes are ID numbers that allow users to listen to specific songs in a game by entering the code into the game.

To use music codes in Roblox, follow these steps: 1. open Roblox game, 2. tap on the ‘Boombox’ icon (bottom left corner), 3. Enter music code in dialog box and play code song in game.

In simple words: Equip boombox in Boombox-enabled world, enter song code to play.

Rap music codes for Roblox

  • A Roblox Rap (Merry Christmas Roblox ) ID code: 1259050178
  • Amaru Cloud (Rico) ID code: 5747559338
  • Better Now (Post Malone) ID code: 2916513007
  • Bussdown (Blueface ft. Offset) ID code: 4003368984
  • Calling my phone (lil tjay) ID code: 6102859758
  • Chanel (Frank Ocean) ID code: 1408132055
  • Doja Cat (kis me More) ID code: 6681233667
  • Eminem (Rap God (Animal)) ID code: 1008920801
  • Futsal Shuffle 2020 (Lil Uzi Vert) ID code: 4508702647
  • God’s Plan (Drake) ID code: 1479998427
  • Godzilla (Eminem ft. Juice WRLD) ID code: 5010496404
  • Holy Moly Donut Shop (Blueface) ID code: 462590705
  • Lemonade ID code: 5841601908
  • Lil Nas X (Call Me By Your Name) ID code: 6614898447
  • Lucid Dreams (Juice WRLD) ID code: 3956963046
  • Merry Christmas Roblox Rap ID code: 1259050178
  • Mood 24kgoldn ft juice wrld ID code: 5913921822
  • Moonlight (XXTentacion) ID code: 2924787912
  • O.C Dawgs (Pauwi Na ko (Filipino Rap Song) First ) ID code: 2976473774
  • Out West (Jackboys ft. Young Thug) ID code: 4678830018
  • Panini (Lil Nas X) ID code: 3340674075
  • Passionfruit (Drake) ID code: 743024101
  • Polo g (Rapstar) ID code: 6678031214
  • Purple Team Rap ID code: 5609469033
  • Rap do Homem Macaco (sem alma e sem coração) ID code: 580561275
  • Righteous (Juice WRLD) ID code: 4588756335
  • Roblox 2018 Music Rap ID code: 1357288961
  • Savage (Megan Thee Stallion) ID code: 4975879577
  • Say So (Doja Cat) ID code: 4675621837
  • See You Again (Tyler the Creator) ID code: 947429628
  • SoFaygo (Knock Knock ft. Lil Tecca) ID code: 6829260527
  • Sugar (Brockhampton) ID code: 4606282805
  • Sunflower (Post Malone) ID code: 3183066364
  • The Box (Roddy Rich) ID code: 4521908173
  • Toosie Slide (Drake) ID code: 4924408580
  • Trap Queen (Fetty Wap) ID code: 210783060
  • Trippie red (miss the rage) ID code: 6866481138
  • Гарри Топор (Велодром Russian Rap ) ID code: 203927477
  • 6 dogs (faygo dreams) ID code: 1043175951

Note: Some codes may be removed by developers over time due to copyright or other issues.