Animals & Coins Tips and Tricks (Strategies)

The game play of Animals & Coins is simple to understand and play. In this article, we will not cover basic guides and walkthroughs.

Instead, we will focus on providing some best practices and tips that will help you advance in the game, collect free game energy, coins, and other items, and raid, attack, and progress through the levels more quickly.

All Animals & Coins tips and tricks are listed with numbers. Below is a contents list where you can find all tips and jump to the relevant section by clicking on it.

1. Save Energy for Progress

Energy helps build bridges between islands, aiding in collection and level completion. Save energy for events to progress faster.

Power of Energy in Connecting Islands: Think of energy as your tool to build bridges between islands. This helps you gather cool stuff and earn coins to level up!

Smart Energy Management for Bigger Wins: When events happen, saving up your energy is like having a secret stash. It helps you grab extra rewards and zoom through the game.

2. Complete Levels in One Go

Build all items on islands in one go to avoid attack damages. Spend coins on level items as soon as you can.

Complete Islands in One Go: It’s smart to finish building everything on an island before moving on. This protects your items from attacks and keeps them safe.

Use Coins Wisely for Villages: Don’t hoard coins! When you’ve got enough, spend them on completing villages. This helps you progress without risking losing coins or progress.

3. Use Auto Mode Smartly

Unlock auto mode by creating three perfect bridges. It saves energy by placing bridges automatically.

Unlock Auto Mode with Perfect Bridges: When you build three perfect bridges, a handy auto mode activates for five minutes. It keeps placing bridges until you stop it or run out of energy. Just tap the purple auto mode button to toggle it.

Save Energy with Auto Mode: Auto mode is like your helper! It prevents wasted energy by making sure your bridges are just the right length between islands. It’s a handy tool for efficient gameplay

4. Wisely Use Bet Options

Increase bet levels for higher energy consumption and winnings. Use it strategically based on your energy and game situation.

Boost Wins with Bet Levels: If you’re in a hurry and good at building bridges, try increasing your bet level. This makes you spend more energy but increases potential winnings. For instance, a 2x multiplier doubles the treasure in revealed goodies, but it costs 2 energy for the next bridge.

Understanding Bet Levels: Higher bet levels mean more energy used but also bigger rewards. Your current energy level decides how high you can go. With practice, you’ll learn when to use these bets and which multiplier suits different game situations. It’s all about gaining experience

5. Collect Free Energy

Use Energy Links and other methods to gather free energy daily for faster progression.

Value of Energy in the Game: Energy is super important in Animals & Coins and decreases as you play. But here’s the trick: there are lots of ways to get free energy! Knowing these methods and collecting all the free energy helps you move forward faster.

Easy Free Energy with Energy Links: Energy links are your best friends for free energy! They’re an easy way to get energy every day. Just follow the game’s social media pages to find these links and gather your daily dose of free energy. It’s a simple way to keep going without spending

6. Claim Daily Bonuses

Daily rewards, energy links, and promotions boost your inventory. Check in daily to collect these bonuses.

Daily Goodies for Playing Daily: When you open the game each day, you get cool stuff like a daily reward calendar, energy links, and free promotional offers. These bonuses help fill up your inventory with useful items.

By just logging in daily, you grab these bonuses, which make your game inventory nice and full of helpful stuff. It’s like a little treat every time you come back to the game.

7. Watch Ads for Rewards

Utilize free rewards by watching optional video ads within the game, reducing the need for in-app purchases.

Ads for Rewards: Sometimes, while playing, the game offers you ads. Watching these ads gives you rewards or lets you do things without spending your in-game coins.

Play for Free Goodies: So, you can play without spending real money and still collect cool rewards by watching ads or doing certain things in the game. It’s a nice way to enjoy the game without opening your wallet

8. Benefit from Facebook Connect

Game playing with Facebook login – saves progress, allows playing with friends, and grants rewards for inviting friends.

Benefits of Facebook Login: If you play the game using your Facebook account, some good things happen!

Saved Progress: Your game progress gets saved, so you can always pick up where you left off.

Play with Friends and Earn Rewards: You can play with your friends and even invite them to join. Plus, inviting friends can get you extra rewards! It’s a good idea because you save progress, play with pals, and get freebies too.

9. Avoid Useless Hacks

Stay away from websites or apps promising hacks. Stick to genuine tips and avoid wasting time on false promises.

Avoid Fake Hack Tricks: When you search for Animals & Coins stuff online, you find lots of websites and videos claiming they have game hacks.

Don’t Waste Time on Fake Claims: They ask you to do things like visit their page or watch videos, promising game shortcuts. But guess what? They don’t work! You end up wasting time and your internet data.

Learn from Genuine Tips: Instead of falling for these fake tricks, it’s better to read real tips from trustworthy blogs. Don’t blindly follow random instructions promising rewards. Stick to practical and genuine advice for better game results

10. Understand Characters: Unlock Criteria

Know when and how characters unlock: e.g., logins, completing sets, or reaching specific islands.

  • Harry the Bear – Available at the start.
  • Donna the Deer – Available at the start.
  • Kevin the Pig – Unlocks on Island 5.
  • Gina the Hippo – Unlocks by logging in for 7 days.
  • Danny the Rabbit – Unlocks on Island 9.
  • Seth the Crocodile – Unlocks after completing 6 card sets.
  • Ruddy the Moose – Unlocks on Island 25.
  • Sarah the Giraffe – Unlocks on Island 80.
  • Phil the Elephant – Unlocks after smashing 10 piñatas.
  • Roger the Fox – Unlocks after winning 50 tournaments.
  • Christy the Chicken – Unlocks after winning 30 races.
  • Elvis the Horse – Unlocks on Island 180.
  • Edward the Bull – Unlocks after completing 40 card sets.
  • Timmy the Tiger – Unlocks by inviting 15 friends on Facebook.
  • Leon the Lion – Unlocks by logging in for 30 days.
  • Taylor the Gorilla – Unlocks by logging in for 180 days.
  • Rob the…Lemur? Raccoon? Anyway – Unlocks after completing 20 card sets.

At Last,

Thank you for taking the time to read through these tips! Keep an eye out for more handy tips and tricks for playing Animals & Coins as we discover new ways to level up your game. Stay tuned for updates

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