Minecraft Diamond Blocks (Things to Know)

This guide provides an overview of Diamond Blocks in Minecraft. It covers the following topics:

What Diamond Blocks are, Use of Diamond Blocks, What goes well with Diamond Blocks, Pairing options for Diamond Blocks and How to craft Diamond Blocks.

Understanding Minecraft Diamond Blocks

Minecraft Diamond Blocks are precious mineral blocks crafted by combining nine diamonds. An iron pickaxe or better is required to mine these blocks.

In addition to their aesthetic value, these blocks serve as a compact storage for diamonds.

They’re naturally generated as the cores of “obsidian rooms” and “lava rooms” in woodland mansions, adding a rare and exclusive touch to those locations.

Diamonds can power a beacon. A 3×3 square of diamond blocks directly beneath the beacon will power it.

Optionally, additional layers in the shape of a pyramid can be added to increase the effects of the beacon. The layers can also contain iron, gold, netherite, and emerald blocks.

What Goes Well with Minecraft Diamond Blocks?

To create visually appealing structures or designs, there are a number of options available to complement Minecraft Diamond Blocks.

Quartz is an excellent choice, as it offers a stark contrast that highlights the brilliance of the diamond blocks. Gilded black stone or red nether bricks can be used for a complementary touch with Netherite.

Pairing Options for Minecraft Diamond Blocks

In Minecraft, the Nether offers interesting elements to pair with diamond blocks, such as Quartz, “weird blue wood in the nether”, and light blue-themed items.

Blocks in the light blue category, like various prismarine blocks, can be combined creatively with diamond blocks.

Crafting Minecraft Diamond Blocks

Crafting diamond blocks is straightforward. In the crafting menu, place nine diamonds in a 3×3 grid to create a single block of diamond. This allows you to efficiently utilize your diamonds for both practical and decorative purposes within the game.


In short, Minecraft Diamond Blocks are valuable for storing diamonds, powering beacons, and adding elegance to structures. Pair them with quartz or Nether elements for a stunning look. Crafting them is straightforward: nine diamonds in a 3×3 grid.

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