How Many Bookshelves Do You Need for an Enchantment Table?

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To fully power up your enchantment table in Minecraft, you need to surround it with bookshelves. Here’s a simple guide on how many you need and how to set them up.

How Many Bookshelves Do You Need for a Full Enchantment Table

15 Bookshelves: To reach the maximum enchantment level (level 30), you need 15 bookshelves around your enchantment table.

45 Books: Each bookshelf requires 3 books, so for 15 bookshelves, you need a total of 45 books.

How to Place Bookshelves

Placement: Bookshelves need to be placed one block away from the enchantment table, with one block of air in between. You can place them in a square or rectangular formation around the table.

Height: You only need to stack bookshelves up to one block high. Stacking them higher won’t increase the enchantment level.

Crafting Bookshelves

Books: Each bookshelf requires 3 books. To craft a full set of 15 bookshelves, you’ll need 45 books.

Wood Planks: You also need 6 wood planks per bookshelf. For 15 bookshelves, you’ll need 90 wood planks.

Gathering Materials

Leather: You need leather to craft books. Each book requires 1 piece of leather, so you need 45 pieces of leather.

Sugar Cane: Sugar cane is needed to make paper. You need 3 pieces of paper for each book, which means you need 135 pieces of sugar cane for 45 books.

Troubleshooting Placement Issues

Distance: Make sure the bookshelves are exactly one block away from the enchantment table. If they’re too far, they won’t contribute to the enchantment level.

Obstructions: Ensure there are no blocks between the bookshelves and the enchantment table. Any block in between will block the magical connection.

Quick Tips

  • Design: You can arrange the bookshelves in various designs around your table, as long as they’re within one block distance.
  • Efficiency: To save space, try placing bookshelves in corners and on top of each other, but always ensure there’s one block of air between them and the table.

Example Setup

Here’s a simple example of a setup:

[B] [B]
[B] [T]
[B] [B]

Where “B” represents bookshelves and “T” is the enchantment table. This configuration ensures that all bookshelves are within the required distance to maximize your enchantments.

By following these steps, you can ensure your enchantment table is fully powered and ready to provide you with the best enchantments in the game.

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