Minecraft Brewing Room (Things to Know)

This guide is all about the Minecraft brewing room, potion room or brewing station design guide. Here, you find different ideas and suggestions to build your brewing room.

Is the Brewing Room required to brew potions?

No, you do not require the special Brewing Room to use a brewing stand and brew different potions.

But, a separate brewing room is advisable for the best brewing atmosphere, ingredient management, and quick potion brewing.

How to build a Brewing Room in Minecraft? (Ideas)

In Minecraft, you have an infinite number of options to create a brewing room and room decorations. You can build an amazing room by using different building blocks and your imagination.

To simplify the process of building a brewing room, here are some ideas to consider before planning your room:

  • First create outlines of the room, use any blocks, think, replace and create basic outlines.
  • Finalize room shape, which can be round, square, rectangle or other type. We suggest a square or round 10×10 room.
  • Decide main material for walls, floors, ceilings, and decorations. (suggestions – dark wood, boards, carpets).
  • Arrange ingredients and ready potions in the side walls by placing chests with consumables. Also, use a frame on each chest with the item stored in it.
  • A workplace in the center of the room can be created by adding a table for brewing stands, a workbench, and a couple of caldrons with water.
  • Try to keep the room a little dark and use some torches or lanterns to light up your room.
  • Finally, decorate the brewing room by placing more decorative blocks and decorations (Depends on your choice).

That’s all about basic ideas for building a brewing room. In other words, things you need in your potion room.

But, at the end try to make a unique station for brewing potions where you are more comfortable. At last, here are some images of Minecraft brewing room ideas on Google search result images tab.

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