How to Make a Lighter (Flint and Steel) in Minecraft

This guide is about a Minecraft Lighter (flint and steel) and steps to make or craft lighter. Minecraft lighter is also known as flint and steel.

In game, by using a lighter, you can create fire for lighting, cooking and other activities.

How to make lighter in Minecraft?

To make a lighter in Minecraft, you will need the following items:

  • Flint: To get Flint, mine gravel to get flint (10% drop chance).
  • Iron Ingot: Mine some iron ore to get raw iron, place raw iron in the furnace to get iron ingot.

Once you have the materials,

To craft Flint and Steel in Minecraft, place a Flint in the second row middle cell and an Iron Ingot in the first row first cell of the crafting grid.

The lighter will then be displayed in the right-hand box. Drag the lighter to your inventory. You can now use your lighter by right-clicking on it to set things on fire.

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