How to Use Tactic Scrolls in Evony? (Complete Guide)

You can use Tactic Scrolls instead of Research Stones in the Military Academy. To use Tactic Scrolls, you need to build the Military Academy. To do this, you need to reach Keep level 36.

Steps to use Tactic Scrolls

  1. Go to your city and tap the Military Academy.
  2. Choose Military Research.
  3. Select the troop type you want to research.
  4. Tap the unlocked option and see the requirements
    (Military Academy level, Gold, and Tactic Scrolls).
  5. Tap Research or Instant Research to complete the research.

Note: Research option takes several days, Instant Research uses gems to finish instantly.

Military Academy – The Military Academy is behind the Keep, but it only appears after you reach K36.

Obtain Tactic Scrolls

You can obtain the Tactic Scrolls from different ways: Boss drop items, Battlefield, events, auction, black market and different package purchases.

If you do not yet have the Military Academy, then it would be good practice to acquire more Tactic Scrolls for future use.

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