Evony Troop Cost Calculator (Calculate Resources)

This calculator is for estimating the resource costs of Evony troops. You can select the troop type, tier, and target to calculate the approximate amount of resources (Lumber, Ore, Stone, Food, and Gold) required.

The Evony troop resource calculator result will also show you the potential power gain from training troops.

Evony troop cost calculator

To use Evony troop cost calculator, choose troop type, tier and enter troop target number. After providing troop data enter the “Calculate” button to know troop resources cost.

Troop Cost Calculator
Choose Troop Type:

Choose Troop Tier:

Enter Troop Target:

Troop Cost:

At last, here are some good practices for building Evony troops.

Evony troop building good practices

  • Don’t waste resources on low-level troops.
  • Assign a duty officer to troop buildings when building many troops.
  • Focus on troop training speed research in the Academy.
  • Find and use Evony best Duty Generals.
  • Calculate and save enough resources before building your desired troops.

That’s it, 

Hope you find this Evony troop cost calculator helpful in your game play.

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