High End Designer Fashion in Royale High Roblox

This guide is about High End Designer Fashion. There are a number of different themes in the Royale Universe Pageant, and  High End Designer Fashion is one of them.

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What is High End Designer Fashion in Royale High?

High End Designer Fashion is a theme in the Royale Universe Pageant in Roblox Royale High where players dress in designer fashion brands.

Players can create their own interpretations of high-end fashion, but expensive-looking clothes are required. The winner is chosen by player vote, so creativity and luck are important.

Things to know about High End Designer Fashion

  • High End Designer Fashion is the theme in Royale Universe Pageant.
  • Players must dress in designer brands when a High End Designer Fashion theme is selected.
  • Contests are all about a player’s creativity and a touch of fortune.

Royale Universe Pageant

Royale Universe Pageant is basically a contest. In the Royale High game, Sunset Island is a realm where players can compete in the Royale Universe Pageant.

To win, players must dress up according to the theme and get the most votes. Winners receive diamonds and XP as a prize.

Tip: Some players have suggested that using textures like Louis Vuitton can sway votes in a player’s favor. These textures can be applied to skirts, tops, dresses and footwear.

In game, There is no guaranteed way to win a Royale Universe Pageant, despite the many theories. Here, the best outfit doesn’t always win when the winner is decided by player vote. It can be a popularity or sympathy contest.

That’s all about Roblox Royale High High End Designer Fashion theme and Royale Universe Pageant. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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