Royale High Halo Answers – Summer Halo Answers 2023

This Royale High Halo fountain answers collection guide contains the latest correct halo answers. Guide is all about Fountain stories halo answers to win halos in Roblox Royale High.

Before going on to the Halo answers, let’s first understand how Fountain story answers work.

How Fountain story answers work?

Answering correctly does not guarantee a halo. You could win diamonds, loose diamonds, nothing, XP, or very rarely a halo. The chances are slim. The chances are:

  • Win a Halo – 10%
  • Win XP – 30%
  • Win/Lose diamonds – 30% / 30%

Here, you get correct answers for old and latest halos. This guide will be updated for new halos. But, due to the chance of winning halo for even a correct answer is 10%, you may need some diamonds.

Royale High Halo answers – Fountain answers

Following are lists of different Halo in Royal High with different stories, creator and halo answer.

Summer Halo Answers 2023 – Royale High

The following are all the correct answers to the fountain of dreams stories for Royale High for the Summer Halo 2023:

  • Summer job (Sir_Vampz) – Answer C
  • Surfboard contest (LittleWolfGX) – Answer C
  • Underwater Castle (0bvlouslyana) – Answer A
  • Diamond Beach carnival (Khaoticos) – Answer A
  • Frostbite Frozen Delights treat (iilnspxreii) – Answer D
  • Jet Ski Trip (Stellarlucas and CtxwnMiaax) – Answer A & D
  • Join a butler’s team (BuyROOKIEOn Itunes) – Answer A
  • Sea Monster (Valaeria and Tmzserena) – Answer C
  • Summer pageant Stylist (Zelina_Odison) – Answer A
  • Lost Necklace (Hotdog_Chowder and Sunny_Expl0si0n) – Answer A
  • Scuba diving adventure (blurry_bunny and sserot0nin) – Answer C
  • Fenix the messenger (iostgirlz and yurisfile) – Answer: A
  • Naomi’s seashell contest (avocadoelise) – Answer A
  • Dominic needs help (E-melxa) – Answer: A
  • Following the voice (exvelyn) – Answer: C
  • Volleyball match team (BuyROOKIEOnItunes) – Answer: A?
  • Dominic and missing rescue tube (E_melxa) – Answer: A?
  • Choosing an ice cream flavor (iilnspxreil) – Answer ?

Spring Halo 2023 – Royale High

The following are all the correct answers to the fountain of dreams stories for Royale High for the Spring Halo 2023:

  • The Goose (Unicorn60100) – Answer C & B
  • Violet’s Activities (Taeatetea) – Answer D
  • Three Flower Fields (QuillLaLoka) – Answer A
  • Baby chicks (NotLucyugh) – Answer A
  • Maddie’s Petting Zoo (DevilandCat) – Answer B & C
  • Bunnies in the tunnel (cakeclaircake) – Answer B & D
  • Follow an Arrow (BaBlues250) – Answer B
  • Broken Basket (Lexhavvas) – Answer B
  • Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520) – Answer B
  • Magical Tornado (PikachuYAY85) – Answer B
  • Wendy and Rowena (lightbulb1970) – Answer B
  • Delilah’s Farmers Market (EtherealFlyy) – Answer D
  • Heavy Rain (SleepyGoblinz) – Answer C
  • Enchanted fairy forest (Sammyloop11) – Answer A
  • Enchanted portals (MinoRulez2469 / Navygirl1233) – Answer B & D
  • Violet and the pig (Unicorns_Rainbows520) – Answer B

Winter Halo 2022 – Royale High

The following are all the correct answers to the fountain of dreams stories for Royale High for the Winter Halo 2022:

  • Escape the snowy nightmare and leave the abandoned cabin (vi_autumn) – Answer A
  • Choose an Activity (ArachnoCutiee) – Answer A
  • Snowy figure startles you (Cicilo07) – Answer B
  • Mystical item inside of the citadel of ice (luvllyhearts) – Answer D
  • Scented candle to light (miniclouds_ii) – Answer C
  • Ethereal creature and avalanche (LidiaHopeAngel) – Answer C
  • Trail of animal tracks to follow (zephvrix / vixyte) – Answer D
  • Boat inside of Snowglobe Summit (Starryfaes) – Answer B
  • Ice skates from the rental booth (oOCleopatraOo) – Answer C
  • Captain Whiskers some holiday cheer (ThENeRDThATIsRaNDOM) – Answer C
  • Beverage from the pale snow fairy (GalxcticGuinea / Lxna_Topcat) – Answer B
  • At the Winter Ball (IconicSoftx / MediDaEevee) – Answer B and D
  • A part from the table to bring to the man in white (lychee_waffles) – Answers A and B
  • Tripping over the snow globe (Mineresta) – Answer B
  • Sugary snack for breakfast on a snow day (svftalli) – Answer B

Royale High recent and upcoming Halo list

The following are some upcoming Halo, current Halo and past Halo in Royale High:

  • Fall Halo 2023 (Upcoming in early October, probably)
  • Summer Halo 2023
  • Spring Halo 2023
  • Winter Halo 2022
  • Halloween Halo 2022
  • Mermaid Halo 2022
  • Spring Halo 2022
  • Winter Halo 2021
  • Halloween Halo 2021
  • Mermaid Halo 2021
  • Spring Halo 2021
  • Lucky Halo 2021
  • Valentines Halo 2021
  • Winter Halo 2020
  • Halloween Halo 2020
  • Mermaid Halo 2020

That’s all about Royale High Halo answers. Hope you find these answers helpful to increase your chance to win Halo in Royale High.

Don’t forget to visit the page again to know about new Halo and Halo answers.

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