Evony: The King’s Return Game Guide, Tips and Tricks

Evony: The King’s Return is a strategy game with 1000+ puzzle levels. And, this post is about the Evony game guide, tips, tricks and FAQs.

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Evony: The King’s Return game overview

Evony mobile game is a strategy game. In the game you will find various challenging puzzle based levels (1000+ puzzle levels).

There are different game activities, like train your troops, build cities, expand empire and more.

Evony The King’s Return is a single player and MMO (massively multiplayer online game) game. This game is an online game and requires network connection (WiFi or Mobile data).

How to abandon a subordinate city in Evony?

To abandon a subordinate city in Evony, open the subordinate city list and select the city to abandon. Now, tap the small red icon and confirm abandon city action.

You may need to abandon a subordinate city in many cases, For example, you have reached a limit and want a different one, give the city to someone else in trade or other cases.

Here, the subordinate city will become Level 1 NPC sub city, when you abandon it. And, in case of retaking it, the city will revert back to level 1 below that at which you held it at.

How to find ares statues in Evony?

Area Statues come and go very quickly on the world map, you have to scan the world map until you find it. These statues spawn on your and enemy’s servers frequently.

You will get a notification in chat about area statues, like “Area Statues have arrived! Go visit them to earn Server War scores!”.

Area Statues are round base with a statue of a monarch on top, one tile in size and have white gray stone color.

How to leave the alliance in Evony?

To leave the alliance in Evony, open the alliance player list, select alliance to leave and leave it. Here, on leave alliance, clan points will be transferred to your next new alliance.

More on this, you can also ask the leader to remove you from the alliance. This option works for active alliances.

How to change generals in Evony?

You can change generals for different tasks by Resign general from existing task and Assign general to new task.

For example, You want to assign Spartacus for troop march, but Spartacus is on main city defense.

In this case, go to the main city defense general, find Spartacus general icon and select the red button “Resign” to remove.

Next, go to Rally Spot, find March Preset and assign Spartacus to the desired March.

How to increase general power in Evony?

In Evony: The King’s Return game, You can increase your general power with general equipment, general stats, general specialization and assign Spiritual Beast.

General equipment: 

General equipment is also a factor for general power. Amount of power you get from equipment gear depends on its star, refinement and more other factors. Here, the more expensive the equipment, the more power it has.

General stats:

Stats attribute applicable to general for leadership, attack, defense, and politics. You can increase general stats by general level up, star level enhancement, assign dragons and cultivation.

General specialization:

After reaching level 25, you can level up general speciality which helps to increase power.

For each general, there are four types of speciality which are divided into five levels. Speciality levels are – Green, Blue,  Purple, Orange and Gold.

Spiritual Beast:

Assigning a Spiritual Beast to a general is also one of options to increase general power. You will know the exact amount of power increase when you assign it.

Note: General’s power and strength are different things.

Evony General Color and difference (Rarity, Quality)

General quality or rarity is identified based on general color. There are five qualities of generals in Evony.

  • Common (White) general.
  • Uncommon (Green) general.
  • Rare (Blue) general.
  • Legendary (Purple) general.
  • Epic (Gold / Orange) general.

Quality generals:

Investing in higher quality generals like Legendary and Epic is worthwhile for the long run. But, note that higher quality generals are hard to find and need more resources.

Here, based on quality level, initial status values, level up status increase value, presence and speciality are higher or lower.

Evony Prestige Rank requirements

In the Evony game Prestige is a point system, which players get by participating in different game activities. Players get prestige server rank based on their prestige total.

Here are prestige ranks list with required prestige points and server ranking.

  • Regent: 3M prestige, server rank 3.
  • Archduke: 703K prestige, server rank 10.
  • Duke: 343K prestige, server rank 40.
  • Earl: 163K prestige, server rank 90.
  • Viscount: 65K prestige, server rank 170.
  • Baron: 20K prestige, server rank 270.
  • Knight: 5K prestige, server rank 5270.

When you get any of these prestige ranks, you also get rank benefit rewards. These benefits increase training speed, healing speed, march speed, sub city capacity, march size capacity and trap building speed.

How to link an Evony account to Facebook?

To link Evony game to Facebook account or switch account or start a new game, open settings and go to Account option.

In the Account screen, you will get buttons for “Link Account”, “Switch Account” and “Start New Game”. Next, by tapping any option button and following required steps, you can manage your Facebook account linking with the game.

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Evony Cultures list and change guide

Following is a Evony The King’s Return game Cultures list.

  • Japan
  • China
  • Europe
  • Arabia
  • Russia
  • America
  • Korea

For good practice, you can change cultures every few months.

In the game, the first culture change is free at the beginning of the game. After this user needs to buy a culture change feature using 2K gems.

Players have no limit to change culture, if they are able to pay 2K gems per change to an account or use the change culture item.

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