Evony Buildings (All Buildings List)

This guide provides an overview of all the buildings in Evony, along with their functions. The higher the level of a building, the more power it generates. Therefore, constructing buildings increases your overall monarch power.

A total of 33 buildings are available in Evony: The King’s Return. The following list provides the names and functionality information of each building.

Buildings in Evony: The King’s Return

Here is a list of all the buildings in Evony and their overview:

  • Keep – Administrative center of your empire.
  • Academy – Place for all research.
  • Archer camp – Allows to train ranged troops.
  • Archer Tower – Fortifies city and damages enemies.
  • Army camp – Boosts troop training speed and capacity.
  • Arsenal – Place to upgrade troops.
  • Art Hall – Place to collect Artworks.
  • Barracks – Allows to train ground troops.
  • Bunker – Protect troops.
  • Embassy – Alliance reinforcement center.
  • Farm – Provides food for the city.
  • Forge – Craft equipment for generals.
  • Holy Palace – Can recall troops (who deserted the battlefield back to city), and can revive soul troops.
  • Hospital – Heals your wounded troops.
  • Market – Tax your resources, buy from the Black Market and Auction House.
  • Military Academy – Allows researching Military Formations and Tactics in the city.
  • Mine – Provides ore for your city.
  • Pasture – Foster Spiritual Beasts.
  • Prison – Holds captives from war.
  • Quarry – Provides stone for your city.
  • Rally Spot – Provides info on your troops, traps, and march size.
  • Research Factory – Produce Research stones and materials.
  • Sawmill – Provides lumber for your city.
  • Shrine – Offer tributes for great rewards.
  • Stables – Allow to train mounted troops.
  • Tavern – Allows to recruit generals and access the activity feature.
  • Trap factory – Build traps for protection.
  • Walls – City’s first line of defense.
  • War Hall – Unites Alliance members against enemies.
  • Warehouse – Protects some amount of your resources from being plundered or consumed.
  • Watchtower – Provides scouting reports and warns of incoming troops.
  • Workshop – Build massive Siege Machines.
  • Victory Column –  Records the achievements of Monarch and Generals.

In Evony: The King’s Return, all buildings have some functions which help to increase your overall monarch power. As a best practice, invest your resources wisely and upgrade buildings as per game requirement.

That’s all about Evony buildings and their functions overview list.

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