Township Mobile Game: Guide, Tips and Tricks

Are you a beginner in the Township mobile game? Here is a Township guide post for you to understand game tips, tricks and get answers about the game.

Township game overview

Township is a casual game for city building and farming.

Game play process is simple, you need to build your dream town in game. To build a town, harvest crops, process them and sell goods to build your town.

In the game, you can build community buildings, trade with exotic countries, get resources and get ancient artifacts by exploring mine.

Also, run your zoo and collect different animals around the world.

How to turn off the piggy bank in the Township game?

You can not remove the piggy bank icon or turn off the piggy bank, but you can ignore it. By ignoring a piggy bank, you will not lose any T-Cash.

But, to get a piggy bank T-Cash, you need to buy a piggy bank with real money.

Here, if you do not want to spend some real money, then just ignore piggy bank and T-Cash.

How to get Hammers in Township?

In the game, there are no clear ways to get Hammers. But, use of trains, treasure chests, market offers, house of luck and weekly regattas are possible different ways to get hammers in game.

How to get bananas in Township game?

Players get different fruits from 4 different islands in the game. Here, bananas are found from Tropica Island (Tropica Isle).

Players with game level 41 or above can view Tropica Island. For other players this island is hidden.

Next, players need to repair the pier first and after that need to complete Tropica Island exploration.

After completing Tropica Isle exploration, the player can send his ship to the island and can get bananas.

Is the Township game offline?

No, the Township game is an online game and active internet connection required to play this game.

If you open a Township mobile game without network connection (WiFi or mobile data), then you will get a network connection error message with the try again option.

What are system requirements for the Township game?

1 GB RAM, 500 MB free storage space, active network connection, for iOS – iOS 10 and for Android – Android OS 4.4.х and later.

Above are the minimum mobile system requirements to play the Township game. Here, you may require more space on higher levels.

How many islands are in Township game?

There are 4 islands (Isle) in Township game, they are Frutus Isle, Olivia Isle, Tropica Isle and Fishermen’s Isle.

Following are requirements to unlock Township Islands.

Frutus Isle unlocked at level 29 without other extra requirements.

Olivia Isle unlocked at level 35. These island requirements are – 11000 coins, 2 Shovel, 2 Axe, 2 Saw, 300 XP and 36h time.

Tropica Isle unlocked at level 41. These island requirements are – 15000 coins, 4 Shovel, 4 Axe, 4 Saw, 500 XP and 48h time.

Olivia Isle unlocked at level 52. These island requirements are – 45000 coins, 6 Shovel, 6 Axe, 6 Saw, 1000 XP and 60h time.

Where to find different goods in the Township game?

Here is a list to know where to find different goods, like Peach, Grapes, Banana, Fish and more goods.

  • Where to get Peaches in township? – Peaches can be found on Frutus Isle.
  • Where to get Watermelon in township? – Watermelon can be found on Frutus Isle.
  • Where to get Plum in township? – Plum can be found on Frutus Isle.
  • Where to get Grapes in township? – Grapes can be found on Olivia Isle.
  • Where to get Olives in township? – Olives can be found on Olivia Isle.
  • Where to get Key in township? – Key Lime can be found on Olivia Isle.
  • Where to get Bananas in township? – Bananas can be found on Tropica Isle.
  • Where to get Coconut in township? – Coconut can be found on Tropica Isle.
  • Where to get Pineapple in township? – Pineapple can be found on Tropica Isle.
  • Where to get Fish in township? – Fish can be found on Fishermen’s Isle.
  • Where to get Shrimp in township? – Shrimp can be found on Fishermen’s Isle.
  • Where to get Lobster in township? – Lobster can be found on Fishermen’s Isle.

How to restart the Township game?

To restart or reset the Township game and start playing from the beginning, you need to contact game support.

For this, open the “Help and Support” option from game Settings. Now, choose any game progress related article and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Here, you will find “Was this helpful?”, Tap No, then tap the Contact Us option.

Next, provide related information to reset the game progress and send a form to the contact team.

Can you be in more than one co-op in Township?

In the Township game, users can be a member of one co-op at a time.

Before joining another co-op, users need to leave the existing co-op.

Users can leave co-op by tapping Co-op Building and then the “Leave” button.

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