How Do I Get More Energy in Merge Mansion?

Energy is currency in Merge Mansion game, and used to get items out of Toolboxes, Gardening, Flower Pots and other Sources.

If you are looking for more free Energy in Merge Mansion, then check out the following different ways to get Energy in Merge Mansion.

How to get free Energy in Merge Mansion?

1. Energy Recovery

In game, you will get 1 free Energy every 2 minutes. This means, your energy bar will fill with 100 energy in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

2. Buy energy using diamonds

Diamonds are also one way to get energy. You can purchase energy using game diamonds. Energy price starts at 5 Diamonds and doubles with each purchase that day. Next day, the price will be reset to 5 diamonds.

3. Energy Bubbles

You can fill up your energy using Energy Bubbles and have more than 100 energy by. In game, these Energy Bubbles drop from different Chests. And, note that, Energy Bubbles can’t be sold, you can only use them.

4. Energy Chest

Energy Chest can not be merged, it will disappear after 5 Drops. This item does not need energy to be opened. Energy Chest gives level 1-3 Energy.

5. Unlimited Energy Booster

This Unlimited Energy Booster available from Area Reward Boxes and as a reward of different Events and Tasks.

Unlimited Energy creates infinite energy mode. When this booster is active, no energy will be consumed for any actions.

6. Level up

Game level up gives free rewards, which may include energy chests and related items.

That’s it,

Hope you find a given list of ways to get Merge Mansion Energy helpful.