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Learn how to find and conquer Minecraft Trial Chambers with this simple guide. Discover how to get maps, use commands, and tips for navigating and surviving inside.

Locating Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers are hidden underground structures in Minecraft that offer unique challenges and rewards. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you find and explore these chambers.

Getting a Trial Explorer Map

To locate a Trial Chamber, you need a Trial Explorer Map. Here’s how to get one:

Find a Cartographer: Look for Cartographer villagers at Journeyman level or above in Villages.

Create a Cartographer: Place a Cartography Table near an unemployed villager to turn them into a Cartographer.

Using the Map

Follow the Marker: The map will show a marker indicating the Trial Chamber location.

Dig Underground: Trial Chambers are usually underground, so be prepared to dig around to find them.

Using Console Commands to Locate Trial Chambers

If you’re in Creative mode, you can use a command to find Trial Chambers directly:

Note: Teleporting to these coordinates might not place you inside the chamber. Use Spectator mode to navigate inside if needed.

Exploring Inside the Trial Chambers

Each Trial Chamber is randomly generated, so each one is different. Here’s what you need to know:

Preparing for the Trial Chambers

Equip Proper Gear: Bring the best weapons and armor you have.

Stock Up on Supplies: Pack plenty of food, potions, and milk (to clear negative effects).

Essential Tools: Bring a bucket of water for navigating traps.

Dealing with Trial Spawners

Spawner Activation: Trial Spawners spawn mobs based on the number of nearby players.

Defeat Mobs for Rewards: Defeat all mobs to receive loot or a Trial Key.

Using Trial Keys

Unlock Vault Blocks: Use Trial Keys to open Vault blocks containing loot.

Ominous Vaults: If a Trial Key doesn’t work, you might need an Ominous Key for Ominous Vaults.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Loot Dispensers: Check for loot in dispensers.
  • Mark Your Path: Leave markers to avoid getting lost.
  • Clean Copper Bulbs: Use an axe to clean and brighten them.
  • Set Respawn Points: Find rooms with beds to set your respawn point.
  • Break Pots for Loot: Break pots to find loot and pottery sherds.
  • Watch Out for Traps: Avoid traps and be cautious of Powder Snow rooms. Use water to melt snow and escape.


Trial Chambers in Minecraft offer unique challenges. This guide will be helpful to easily find, enter, and conquer them. Prepare well, stay alert, and enjoy the adventure and rewards.

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