How to Level Up Weapons in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, weapon leveling is done by transferring levels from a higher-level weapon to a lower-level one. This unique process destroys the higher-level weapon in the transfer.

Follow this guide to successfully transmit weapon levels and troubleshoot any issues.

Steps to Transmit Weapon Levels

  1. Visit the Workbench
    Location: Albion, near Anais’s Research
  2. Interact with the Workbench
    Option: Select “Weapon Level Transmission”
  3. Select Your Weapons
    • Weapon to Level Up: Choose the weapon you want to enhance.
    • Weapon to Destroy: Pick the higher-level weapon to sacrifice.
  4. Ensure You Have a Precision Phase Exchanger
    • If not, research one at Anais.
  5. Transmit the Level
    • Long Press: On the “Weapon Level Transmission” button.
  6. Enjoy Your Improved Weapon

Finding Anais and Phase Exchangers

Anais’s Location:
In Albion HQ, near the Research area.

Precision Phase Exchangers:
Research these at Anais’s Research if you don’t have any.

Troubleshooting Weapon Level Transmission

Issue: No Weapons Showing Up

Possible Solutions:

  • Filter Settings: Ensure no filters are applied.
  • Unregister Sacrificial Weapon: Press U to unregister.
  • Unlock Weapons: Ensure the fodder weapon isn’t locked (via U key or equipped).
  • Check Favorite Status: Ensure the weapon isn’t marked as a favorite (heart icon).
  • Highest Level Weapon: If the weapon you’re transmitting from is the highest level in your inventory, it won’t show up as an option.

By following these steps and troubleshooting tips, you can efficiently manage weapon levels in The First Descendant.

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