The First Descendant: Best Character Tier List

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Choosing the right character in The First Descendant is crucial for your success. Here’s a character tier list and quick guide to help you find the best characters in the game.

TFD Best Characters Tier List

SS-Tier Characters

Bunny: Bunny’s incredible speed and electrifying abilities make her a top choice for aggressive players who excel in hit-and-run tactics.

Gley: Gley’s versatile utility makes her invaluable in both offensive and defensive situations, providing sustained damage and healing support.

Ajax: Ajax’s tanking capabilities, combined with crowd control and protective barriers, make him a frontline asset in team-based strategies.

A-Tier Characters

Jayber: Jayber’s turret deployment can turn the tide of battles by providing additional firepower or essential healing, depending on the situation.

Valby: Mastering Valby’s water-based skills allows for continuous DPS while maintaining tactical advantage in various combat scenarios.

Lepic: Ideal for beginners, Lepic’s grenade skills and survivability make him a solid choice for those learning the ropes of The First Descendant.

Yujin: Yujin’s healing and revival abilities are crucial for team sustainability, though his lower attack power necessitates team coordination for effective gameplay.

B-Tier Characters

Blair: Managing Blair’s Mana effectively allows for sustained fire damage, perfect for players who prefer gradual attrition tactics.

Freyna: Freyna’s poison-centric attacks provide excellent crowd control and damage over time, ideal for weakening groups of enemies.

Kyle: Kyle’s mobility is beneficial for maneuverability but lacks the versatility and impact of higher-ranked characters in most scenarios.

Esiemo: Esiemo’s mine-laying tactics offer strategic ambush opportunities, requiring skillful placement and timing for maximum effectiveness.

C-Tier Characters

Enzo: Enzo’s ability to replenish ammo and boost team survivability with drones makes him a dependable support character in any team composition.

Viessa: Viessa’s freezing abilities provide situational support, but her overall impact is limited compared to higher-tier characters.

Sharen: Sharen’s stealth abilities cater to players who favor close-quarters combat and surprise attacks.

Best Starting Character


As the best starting character, Lepic’s straightforward gameplay mechanics and survivability ensure a forgiving learning curve for new players. Focus on using his grenades effectively to control enemies and survive tough encounters.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How often is the tier list updated?

The tier list is periodically updated based on game updates, community feedback, and meta shifts. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Can lower-tier characters still be effective in gameplay?

Absolutely, While higher-tier characters generally offer more advantages, player skill and strategy can still make lower-tier characters viable choices in specific situations.

How should I choose between characters in the same tier?

Consider your preferred playstyle (e.g., aggressive vs. supportive), team composition needs, and personal skill level when choosing between characters in the same tier.

Are there specific strategies for each character that I should know about?

Yes, Each character has unique abilities and roles. Experiment with different strategies to maximize their effectiveness in various game scenarios.


This tier list and guide should help you select the best characters suited to your playstyle in The First Descendant. Experiment with different characters, refine your strategies, and share your own insights and tier lists with the community to further improve your gameplay experience.

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