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Energy Activators are essential items in The First Descendant (TFD) that increase the capacity of your Descendants and weapons. Here’s a simplified guide to help you understand and use them effectively.

What is an Energy Activator?

Purpose: Increases the max capacity for modules on a Descendant or weapon.

Usage: Each Energy Activator is specific to the Descendant or weapon it is used on.

How to Get Energy Activators

  1. Quests: You can earn Energy Activators as rewards from specific quests.
  2. High-Level Content: Higher tier amorphous materials, which can be obtained from high-level defense missions, contain Energy Activators.
  3. Purchase: You can buy Energy Activators in the in-game shop.

Using Energy Activators


Increase the capacity of modules for your Descendants, allowing more powerful setups. The extra capacity makes a big difference, especially if you use it on a Descendant you frequently play. The capacity increase (+20) is the same no matter when you use it, whether at level 1 or level 40.


When used on a weapon, the capacity increase applies only to that specific weapon. Modules are shared between all weapons of the same name, so upgrading one weapon benefits all weapons of the same name.

Tips and Considerations

Best Use: Prioritize using Energy Activators on your main Descendants to maximize their effectiveness.

Cost: While Energy Activators can be purchased, they can be expensive. It’s often better to farm them through in-game activities.

Character Strength: Some characters, like Bunny, have lower health and defense, making the extra capacity from Energy Activators crucial for better survivability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I farm Energy Activators instead of buying them?

A: Yes, you can farm high-level defense missions for amorphous materials that contain Energy Activators, though it might take some time.

Q: Do Energy Activators work the same for all Descendants and weapons?

A: No, Energy Activators are specific to the Descendant or weapon you use them on. For Descendants, each one needs its own Energy Activator. For weapons, the upgrade applies to all weapons of the same name.

Q: Is it worth buying Energy Activators?

A: While they can be bought, it’s often better to earn them through gameplay due to the high cost in the shop.

Q: Where to buy Energy Activators in The First Descendant?

A: To buy Energy Activators in The First Descendant, you need to go to your Descendant mod menu. Once there, click on the option that says “Add Capacity Bonus” and then select the Energy Activator option. This will take you to a special window where you can purchase Energy Activators.

Q: Does it matter when I use an Energy Activator on a Descendant?

A: No, the capacity increase (+20) is the same regardless of the level when you use it.

By understanding and using Energy Activators effectively, you can significantly enhance your gameplay experience in The First Descendant.

Disclaimer: This information is collected from various online sources and forums. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful content, some details may vary based on updates to the game or different player experiences. Always check the latest in-game information for the most current details.

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