The First Descendant: Void Fragments Guide

Void Fragments are special in-game elements in The First Descendant (TFD) that require specific skills to interact with. Here’s a simplified guide to help you understand and use them effectively.

What are Void Fragments?

Unique Attribute: Void Fragments have unique attributes and can only be destroyed by Descendant Skills of the same attribute.

Additional Rewards: Joining missions with a Descendant of the same attribute gives you extra rewards.

Main Reward: The main reward for Void Fragment missions is Void Shards.

How to Participate in Void Fragment Missions

Location: Void Fragment missions are available in each zone as Field Content.

Matching Attributes: Use Descendant Skills that match the Void Fragment’s attribute to attack them. You can check each Descendant’s attributes in the Skill Description (H).

Joining Missions: If another Descendant has started a mission, you can join by using a skill of the same attribute on the Fragment or the monster that appears from it.

Earning and Using Rewards

Destroying Fragments: Fully destroy the Void Fragment to earn rewards.

Additional Rewards: You get extra rewards if you join the mission with a matching attribute Descendant.

Void Shards: Collect Void Shards from these missions. They are used to join Void Fusion Reactor missions, where rewards vary by World Difficulty.

Tips for Success

  1. Check Attributes: Always check the attribute of the Void Fragment in the tooltip before starting a mission.
  2. Team Up: Coordinate with other players to ensure you have a variety of attributes covered.
  3. Skill Upgrades: Invest in upgrading your Descendant Skills to make destroying Void Fragments easier.
  4. Frequent Check-ins: Regularly check for new Void Fragment missions in different zones to maximize your Void Shard collection.

Example Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: You find a Void Fragment with a fire attribute. Use a Descendant with fire skills to destroy it and earn Void Shards.
  • Scenario 2: Another player starts a mission with a water attribute Fragment. Use your water skill to join in and gain extra rewards.

Mission Details

Hover for Info: Hover over each zone’s Void Fragment icon on the Map (M) to see mission details and rewards.


Q: How do I know which attribute to use on a Void Fragment?

A: Check the tooltip of the Void Fragment to see its attribute and use the matching Descendant Skill.

Q: What are Void Shards used for?

A: Void Shards are used to join Void Fusion Reactor missions, which offer different rewards based on World Difficulty.

Q: Can I participate in a Void Fragment mission if someone else has started it?

A: Yes, you can join by using a skill of the same attribute on the Fragment or the monster that appears.

By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle Void Fragment missions and maximize your rewards in The First Descendant.

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