The First Descendant Journal: Achievements & Records

In The First Descendant (TFD), you can track your progress and explore the game’s lore through the Journal. Here’s a simple guide to understanding Achievements and Records.


What are Journals?

The Journal lets you check your Achievements and Records.

Accessing the Journal: Open the map (G) and select Journal.


Achievements are tasks that reward you with Titles and other prizes for completing specific objectives.

Viewing Achievements: In the Achievements screen, click on each category to see conditions, progress, and rewards.

Rewards: When you complete an Achievement, an exclamation point will appear. Click on it to claim your reward. Completed Achievements will show a check mark and move to the bottom of the list.

Favorites: You can favorite Achievements to keep them at the top by clicking on them. Click again to unfavorite.


  • Prioritize: Focus on Achievements that offer the most valuable rewards first.
  • Daily Check: Regularly check your Achievements to stay updated on your progress.
  • Team Play: Some Achievements are easier to complete with friends or a team.

Example Achievements:

  • Monster Slayer: Defeat 100 monsters to earn a special Title.
  • Treasure Hunter: Find 50 hidden treasures for a unique reward.


Records are items that contain the hidden lore of the continent of Ingris.

Finding Records: Besides quests, you can discover Records through various in-game activities, like exploring fields.

Viewing Records: To replay collected Records, click on each category in the Records screen.

Accessing Records: Open the map (G), go to Journal, and then select Records.


  • Explore Thoroughly: Records are often hidden in less obvious places. Take your time to explore.
  • Story Mode: Completing story quests can often unlock Records.
  • Check Back: New Records may appear as you progress in the game, so keep checking your Journal.

Example Records:

  • The Legend of Ingris: A detailed account of the continent’s history found in ancient ruins.
  • Heroic Tales: Stories of past heroes that can be unlocked through special quests.


Q: How do I access my Journal?

A: Press ‘G’ to open the map, then select ‘Journal’.

Q: Can I see my progress on Achievements?

A: Yes, you can see your progress and the conditions for each Achievement by clicking on its category.

Q: Where can I find Records?

A: Records can be found while exploring the game world, completing quests, and engaging in various activities.

This enhanced guide provides additional context, practical tips, and examples to help you make the most of your experience in The First Descendant.

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