The First Descendant: Modules Guide

Modules are special items in The First Descendant that make your Descendants and weapons stronger. Here’s a simple guide to help you use them.

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What are Modules?

Modules are essential items that boost the stats of your Descendants and weapons. As you level up, your capacity to equip modules increases, allowing you to enhance your character even more.

Matching the module type with the slot type reduces the capacity cost, making it more efficient. You can also increase the max capacity for each Descendant or weapon once using an ‘Energy Activator’.

Modules can be enhanced, dismantled, and combined through Silion in Albion.

If you need to change a module’s socket type, you will require a ‘Crystallization Catalyst’, and your Descendant and weapon must be at max level.

How to Equip Descendant Modules

Current Descendant:

  1. Go to Inventory (I).
  2. Select “Descendant Modules”.
  3. Equip the modules you want.

Unused Descendants:

  1. Go to Descendant (H).
  2. Navigate to Descendant List (G).
  3. Select your Descendant.
  4. Click on “Details (P)”.
  5. Choose “Module Settings”.
  6. Equip modules for any owned Descendants.

How to Equip Weapon Modules

From Inventory:

  1. Go to Inventory (I).
  2. Hover over a weapon.
  3. Click on “Module Settings”.

From Weapons List:

  1. Go to Inventory (I).
  2. Navigate to “Weapons List”.
  3. Select your weapon.
  4. Click on “Module Settings”.

Module values remain consistent for weapons with the same name, regardless of their stats. Once attached, modules stay on a weapon even if you unequipped or dismantle it.

Using Recommended Modules

View Changes: On the left side of the module screen, see how the values change with different modules.

Auto-Equip: Use ‘Equip Recommended Modules’ to quickly equip the best modules from your collection.

Save Settings: Press Save (S) to keep your module setup.

Tips for Success

  1. Upgrade Often: Improve your modules through Silion in Albion.
  2. Plan Ahead: Set up modules for all weapons and Descendants to save time.
  3. Match Types: Always try to match the module type with the slot type to save capacity.


Q: How do I get more module capacity?

A: Your capacity increases as your character level and Mastery Rank go up. You can also use an ‘Energy Activator’ to increase max capacity once per Descendant or weapon.

Q: Can I change the socket type of a module?

A: Yes, you need a ‘Crystallization Catalyst’ and your Descendant and weapon must be at max level.

Q: Will my modules stay equipped if I unequipped or dismantle a weapon?

A: Yes, module information is retained even if the weapon is unequipped or dismantled.

Q: How do I know which modules to equip?

A: Use the ‘Equip Recommended Modules’ function to automatically equip the best modules from your collection, or view the changes in the ‘Applied Value’ area to decide manually.

By following this simple guide, you’ll be able to enhance your Descendants and weapons effectively in The First Descendant.

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