The First Descendant: Void Fusion Reactor Guide

The Void Fusion Reactor is a key feature in The First Descendant (TFD), offering valuable rewards and opportunities. Here’s a simplified guide to help you understand and use the Void Fusion Reactor effectively.

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What is the Void Fusion Reactor?

Field Content: The Void Fusion Reactor is available in each zone.

Requirements: You need a certain amount of Void Shards to start a mission. Hover over the Void Fusion Reactor icon on the Map (M) to check the required amount.

Rewards: The rewards vary depending on whether you complete the mission with the required Void Shards and the World Difficulty.

Participating in Void Fusion Reactor Missions

Starting a Mission: You can only start a Void Fusion Reactor mission if you have the necessary Void Shards.

Joining Others: You can join missions started by other Descendants even if you don’t have Void Shards, but you won’t get additional rewards without meeting the Void Shard requirement.

Automatic Deduction: Void Shards are automatically deducted when you receive additional rewards.

Rewards and Benefits

Reconstructing Device: Completing a Void Fusion Reactor mission generates a Reconstructing Device, which allows you to shape Amorphous Materials.

Varied Rewards: The rewards you receive depend on the World Difficulty and whether you met the Void Shard requirement.

Tips for Success

  1. Gather Void Shards: Collect Void Shards from Void Fragment missions to ensure you have enough for the Void Fusion Reactor missions.
  2. Check Requirements: Always check the required Void Shards before starting a mission.
  3. Team Up: Joining missions started by others can be a good strategy if you don’t have enough Void Shards.

Example Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: You have enough Void Shards to start a mission. Complete it to get additional rewards and a Reconstructing Device.
  • Scenario 2: You join another player’s mission without Void Shards. You can still participate but won’t get extra rewards.


Q: How do I know how many Void Shards I need?

A: Hover over the Void Fusion Reactor icon on the Map (M) to see the required amount.

Q: Can I get rewards if I join without Void Shards?

A: Yes, you can get basic rewards but not the additional ones.

Q: What is the Reconstructing Device used for?

A: It allows you to shape Amorphous Materials.

By following this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to participate in Void Fusion Reactor missions and maximize your rewards in The First Descendant.

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