How Tower Levels Work in Warcraft Rumble

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by how tower levels work in Warcraft Rumble, particularly when it comes to quests in PvE? If so, you’re not alone.

Many players share the same confusion about what factors influence tower levels and how they impact your gameplay. Let’s dive into the details and unravel the mystery behind tower levels in Warcraft Rumble.

Hero Levels Matter in Campaigns

In general content, like campaign mode, it appears that tower levels are closely tied to the level of your hero.

When you’re playing the regular game, like in campaign mode, your hero’s level is super important for your towers. If your hero’s level is high, your towers become stronger too.

So, the better your hero, the easier it is to deal with different challenges in the game. Just focus on leveling up your hero, and your towers will get stronger too.

Minis and Tower Levels in PvE Quests

In PvE quests, your tower strength is linked to how strong your mini characters are.

But it gets a bit confusing because sometimes your towers are much stronger, like 3 levels more than the enemy team, and other times they’re about the same.

It’s like solving a puzzle, and players are trying to figure out how it all works. The game has some secrets, and understanding why your towers match up differently with the enemy team is a bit tricky.

The Average of Your Team Matters

A valuable piece of information comes from research that suggests tower levels in PvE quests are determined by the average level of your team or leader, coupled with a hidden MMR rating that increases with each victorious battle.

Interestingly, intentionally losing 5-10 matches in a row, where your base gets destroyed, can potentially make your gameplay easier.

Based on analysis and user comments, it looks that the strength of your towers in PvE quests depends on the average level of your team or leader and some hidden MMR rating (goes up when you win battles).

The Dungeon Factor and Quest Levels

There seems to be a connection between completing dungeons and the subsequent quest levels.

However, players have reported discrepancies where completing a dungeon at a certain level doesn’t necessarily translate to the expected quest level increase.

This aspect remains a bit unclear and requires further investigation.

Possible Influence of Army Level Averages

Some players have speculated that the average level of a player’s army may be a factor in determining the level of their towers.

While this assumption is plausible, it is difficult to conclusively determine the correlation, particularly given the potential for rounding errors in the calculations.


In conclusion, the enigma of tower levels in Warcraft Rumble involves a combination of factors, including hero levels, team averages, and hidden MMR ratings.

As the game evolves and more players contribute to the collective knowledge, a clearer picture may emerge. Until then, it’s essential to experiment, gather data, and share insights within the gaming community to collectively enhance our understanding of this intriguing aspect of Warcraft Rumble.

Please note: This is an analytical interpretation based on available information. The exact mechanics of tower level calculations might be more nuanced and subject to change by the developers.