Dragon City Beginner FAQs (Answered)

This Dragon City game guide includes beginner frequently asked questions and answers to popular user queries. You can refer to the FAQs to learn more about the game features.

Dragon City: How to claim the Heroic Race Reward?

After completing the Heroic Race, restart your game to claim rewards. Look for the pop-up message upon login; if it’s not there, access rewards from the Heroic Race Island or the Results icon on the game screen’s right side. 

To be eligible for rewards, you must reach at least Lap 5. If you qualify, your final position (1st-8th) determines the prizes you can claim.

Claim your Heroic Race rewards:

  • Restart your game. Rewards should pop up automatically.
  • No pop-up? Go to the Heroic Race Island or claim from the “Results” icon on the right.
  • Remember: You need to reach Lap 5 to earn any rewards!
  • Top 8 finishers: Claim your special prizes based on your final position.

What is the Divine Orbs Habitat in Dragon City?

The Divine Orbs Habitat is a special Dragon City habitat with unique perks:

  • Limited Edition: You can only get one Divine Orbs Habitat, and it’s unlocked by reaching level 20 in the Divine Pass.
  • Hold dragons: Unlike regular habitats, the Divine Orbs Habitat is element-neutral, meaning it can house dragons of any element.
  • Orb Bonanza (Premium Only): If you upgrade to the Premium Divine Pass, your habitat transforms into an orb-generating machine, producing dragon orbs throughout the season.

Therefore, the Divine Orbs Habitat is a valuable prize for dedicated Dragon City players, as it offers increased versatility and the potential for a steady stream of dragon orbs.

What are Dragon Rarities in Dragon City?

Dragon City assigns a “rarity” to each dragon, telling you how rare and powerful they are. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Rarity Ranks:

  • H – Heroic
  • L – Legendary
  • E – Epic
  • VR – Very Rare
  • R – Rare
  • C – Common


  • Heroic dragons rule the roost, followed by Mythical-badged Legendaries.
  • Legendaries without the badge are still pretty awesome.
  • Rarity doesn’t always guarantee the best skills, so explore and find dragons that fit your playstyle.

Hope this clarifies the dragon ranks in Dragon City.

Dragon City Habitat Tokens Use and List

You can upgrade your dragon habitats by using Habitat Tokens. These tokens match the habitat type you want to upgrade, giving you more room for your dragons.

Dragon City habitat tokens list

There are sixteen types of habitat tokens in Dragon City, they are:

  • Sea
  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Light
  • War
  • Pure
  • Legend
  • Wind
  • Divine
  • Rainbow
  • Kindergarten

What is Empowering in Dragon City?

Empowering your dragons boosts their strength in battles by increasing their life points and damage dealt, plus it lets them reach a higher maximum level and gives them a cool special aura.

You can empower a dragon up to 5 stars. Also, empowered dragons earn you more Dragon Master Points.

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