Dragon City Best Dragons Tier List (Heroic, Legend, Epic, Very rare, Rare, Common)

Here is the best and strongest Dragon City dragons tier list. Best dragons for heroic, legend, epic, very rare, rare and common tier categories.

Dragon City best dragons tier list:

RankHeroicLegendEpicVery rareRareCommon
1High Voodoo VampirePrideful VampireMilliumVirtueScoutSnail
2High Corrupted TimeHexed VampireEmperorFootballReasonMace
3High ResolutionBlood God VampirePyramidChibi-ChiefBlazeDestiny
4High Crypt KeeperUsurper VampireMad ScientistFae-FauxPoliwindClarity
5High ColonyGreedy VampireVillageBlack MetalTaj MahalRide
6High OverlordDual PerceptionWest WindCloudberryDual BladeSunrise
7High CommanderGluttonous VampirePsychedeliaNigiriMighty MantisPatriot
8High Queen JoadyceaEnvious VampireChibi-ChompBeeShadowAquanaut
9High WhispererDraconDark StarSpaceshipMakiGrass
10High MaliciousDual ParliamentNeo-KiraPathfinderOil PaintJuggler

Dragon City dragons tier list categories:

  • Heroic
  • Legend
  • Epic
  • Very rare
  • Rare
  • Common

Dragons are ranked based on rarity, damage of trainable moves, strength and weakness element type.

This list gives you a general view of Dragon City’s best dragons and helps with dragon selection for your collection.

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