Dragon City Events – Current and Upcoming March 2024

Hey Dragon City players! Looking for Dragon City events calendar 2024? Here is a table of Dragon City Events, which has a list of current and upcoming Dragon City events details.

Dragon City events calendar for April 2023 contain, event duration, event name and new dragon name.

Dragon City events – March 2024

  • 28 Mar – 8 Apr: Spring Treasures Maze Island
  • 29 Mar – 3 Apr: Spring Treasures Puzzle Island (Chargechick Dragon)
  • 3 Apr – 7 Apr: Spring Treasures Runner Island (Daffodrill Dragon)
  • 8 Apr – 13 Apr: Marauder Monsoon Puzzle Island (Maroarder Dragon)
  • 8 Apr – 15 Apr: Marauder Monsoon Grid Island (Pitcher Plant Dragon)
  • 13 Apr – 17 Apr: Marauder Monsoon Runner Island (Monsoon Dragon)
  • 15 Apr – 18 Apr: Marauder Monsoon Maze Island
  • 18 Apr – 29 Apr: High Flyers Heroic Race (High Flying Dragon)
  • 20 Apr – 23 Apr: High Flyers Fog Island (Palm Tree Dragon)
  • 24 Apr – 28 Apr: High Flyers Maze Island
  • 29 Apr – 2 May: Piñata Pursuit Tower Island (Piñattack Dragon)

List is full of exciting events, right?

This events table is helpful for all Dragon Masters, to know about active and upcoming events.

Now, let’s check some overviews about Dragon City Events.

What are the events in the Dragon City mobile game?

Events are mini games, which are available for a limited time. Players can play exciting events and win amazing rewards for game progress.

In game, events are available for different time limits, 4 days, 5 days and more. Dragon City’s events do not last more than 11 days.

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