How to Get Free Gems in Dragon City? (10 Ways to Get Gems)

Looking for free Gems in the Dragon City game? Following are different ways to get free Gems in the Dragon City game.

1. Reward Calendar: Dragon City reward calendar gives daily rewards. To get this reward, you need to open the game daily. These calendar rewards include free gems too.

2. Unlock Jewelem’s Tower: Jewelem’s Tower is attached to the second Lush Island. After unlock Jewelem’s Tower, Jewelem gives 1 free gem every 24 hours.

3. Level up: when you level up in the Dragon City game, you will get 1 free gem.

4. Compete in tournaments: Tournament rewards listed before tournament begins. You will get rewards on winning a predetermined number of matches.

5. Dragon TV ads and complete tasks: Dragon TV option to get freebies displayed on island map in the panel to the right. Here, you need to view video ads or complete other small tasks to get freebies.

6. Play Deus Daily Bonus mini game: You can play Deus Daily Bonus mini game once with an interval of 24 hours. In rare cases, you get a chance to win free gems in this game.

7. Play game with Facebook connect: Dragon City gives a feature to play this game with Facebook connect. When you successfully connect your Facebook account with the game, you will get 10 free gems.

8. Invite friends in game: You will get free gems on inviting your friends in game. Here, to get gems reward, you need to send invites to your friends from the game app. Next, your friends need to join the game and play DC past the Tutorial (Level 15) and other caveats.

9. Collect chests: You can earn chests from events and other game features. Chests contain different rewards, but you have a chance to find free gems in chests.

10. Facebook page give away gems: Dragon City game giveaway Gems on game’s Facebook fan page. You can follow the FB fan base to get notified whenever such give away is available.

That’s it for now,

Above is a quick list of ways to get more free gems in Dragon City. Hope you find this helpful.

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