Kingdom Guard Best Heroes Tier List (Super powered to Underpowered)

Looking for the best heroes in the Kingdom Guard Tower Defense game?

Welcome, this post is about the best heroes tier list for the Kingdom Guard game. In game, heroes can be separated by 4 elemental types (Goblin, Archer, Fire, Ice).

Here, based on heroes ability, health buffs, recovery, game strategy and online research heroes are categorized into 5 tier (S, A, B, C, D) categories.

We know that,

If any one starts preparing a perfect tier list for special heroes, then it will not be possible. Because, the best heroes are always different based on players choice and game strategy.

But, here we try to prepare heroes tier list, which gives overview about heroes possible tier categories.

Following is Kingdom Guard best heroes tier list:

S Tier: Super powered heroes

  • Clarance (Ice)
  • Erica (Fire)
  • Tracy (Fire)
  • Sahar (Archer)
  • Padme (Archer)
  • Gruhn (Goblin)
  • Tumnus (Goblin)

A Tier: Overpowered heroes

  • Vera (Ice)
  • Jessica (Ice)
  • Paul (Fire)
  • Cosette (Fire)
  • Torvi (Archer)
  • Richard (Archer)
  • Lomax (Goblin)
  • Rosamund (Goblin)

B Tier: Balanced heroes

  • Rudolph (Ice)
  • Allen (Fire)
  • Wallis (Fire)
  • Ariza (Archer)
  • O’Neil (Archer)
  • Meniere (Goblin)

C Tier: Underpowered heroes

  • Hadi (Ice)
  • Paula (Ice)
  • Gro (Fire)
  • Dolvar (Fire)
  • Arthur (Archer)
  • Gabriel (Archer)
  • Claudia (Goblin)

D Tier: Worst heroes

  • Merlin (Ice)
  • Ralph (Ice)
  • Nicole (Ice)
  • Kris (Fire)
  • Cosette (Fire)
  • Ophelia (Fire)
  • Arwyn (Archer)
  • Harold (Archer)
  • Jennifer (Archer)
  • Isaac (Goblin)
  • Alucard (Goblin)
  • Catherine (Goblin)

Here, heroes are separated into 5 tiers or ratings. In the heroes list first is hero name and in bracket is element type.

For example, Gruhn (Goblin), where Gruhn is the hero’s name and Goblin is element type.

Hope you find this Kingdom Guard Tower Defense heroes tier list helpful. But, yet in the end, the best heroes always depend on your game strategy.