Homescapes Mobile Game Guide, Tips, Tricks and FAQs

This post includes a guide, tips, tricks and frequently asked questions answers for Homescapes mobile game.

How to get free lives on Homescapes?

Complete daily To Do tasks, start a new day lives, purchase lives by coins, teams, daily bonuses, refill lives and competitions are different ways to get free lives on Homescapes.

Following are detailed list of free ways to get more and unlimited lives on Homescapes game.

1. Complete daily To Do tasks

Check To Do list and complete all daily tasks with stars. Once you complete all tasks, the game will give you 30 minutes of unlimited lives.

This is a simple process, but it needs enough stars to complete all tasks.

2. Start a new day lives

When you complete all tasks in the To Do list, then the To Do list shows the “Start a new day” button. By tapping this button, you will get a full 5 lives.

This is a kind of daily free 5 lives reward.

Here, as a good practice, tap this “Start a new day” button after using your 30 minutes of unlimited lives. So, you can benefit from both lives.

3. Purchase lives using coins

In the Homescapes game, when you run out of lives then you have an option to get a pack of 5 lives using 900 game coins.

This option depends on your game coins balance and requirement.

4. Get lives from Teams

Teams feature available at level 36 and higher. By joining a team in game, you will get free lives and coins.

More on this, in team chat, team members can send lives to each other. Here, you need to request for lives in team chat to get free lives.

5. Get infinite lives from daily bonuses

Daily bonuses in the Homescapes game available in part of 7 days. You will get each day bonus by opening the game 7 days consecutively.

In this daily bonuses feature, you will get the infinite lives bonus in Homescapes for an hour or more.

6. Wait for refill life

Homescapes game have a refilling lives feature. In this feature, one life refills to your account after every 30 minutes.

It means, you will get 5 lives after an interval of 2 and half hours.

7. Reward for participating in competitions

You will get different rewards in your game account by participating in game competitions. And, unlimited lives for 30 minutes or 1 hour is one of the rewards in competitions.

How to get cups in Homescapes?

You will get gold cups in Homescapes by taking part in the Tournament of Champions competition and beating special levels.

Here, you will get one cup for beating one level.

Players who’ve beaten all the levels in the main chain of levels can participate in the Tournament of Champions tournament.

This Tournament of Champions tournament gives a chance to win great prizes, gold cups and top ten positions in game leaderboard.

Is Homescapes game free?

Yes, Homescapes mobile game is free to download and play. Game offers In-app purchases which are optional and contains ads.

You can download and install this Homescapes game from Play Store and App Store for your Android and iOS mobile.

How many levels does Homescapes have today?

At the moment there are 9740 levels in the Homescapes game.

Game releases new levels every week. You can get new levels updates from game notifications, News section in the game settings or from the game’s Facebook page.

And, if you already completed all the levels, then you can take part in the Tournament of Champions, to get a top spot on the leaderboard and win great prizes.

Homescapes game is from which country?

The Homescapes game is developed by Playrix.

Playrix was founded in 2004 by Dmitry Bukhman and Igor Bukhman in Vologda, Russia, and moved its headquarters to Dublin, Ireland in 2013. (source: wikipedia)

It means Homescapes is from Russia and currently game company’s headquarters is in Ireland.

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